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The Meekness

A.S Mathew
Author: A.S Mathew
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Publish Date: Jan 19, 2012
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By the sin of Adam, the human race lost the heavenly life at the garden of Eden. Adam and Eve deliberately disobeyed Gods guidelines, so they lost the divine dignity of sovereigns to the degraded servant hood out of the garden. But Jesus came to the world to redeem us to royalty again.

The altitude of a person depends upon his or her attitude. Richard Nixon said the greatness of a person depends upon his meekness. In our lifetime, through our own ability and dreams, we can attain certain goals and height in life, but if we are driven totally by a spirit of foolish pride and ego, then God will send a path of deterioration on the way.

Mahatma Gandhiji told his very close friend Dr. E. Stanley Jones The beatitudes of Jesus in Mathew 5 changed and influenced my life totally. The word beatitude (be+attutude) has a whole lot of power to change our destiny. Out of the most cardinal attributes, meekness has the greatest role to play.
One thing directly resisted by God in our lives is the sin of pride. We read in James 4:6 and in 1 Peter 5:5, Gods stern warning to be humble and the dangerous encounter with God if we turn to the attitude of pride. Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth Mathew 5:5.

For some people, the definition of meekness is considered as weakness or timidity; however, that is totally a misconception. Moses was the meekest person on the face of the earth, yet he was the person chosen by God to challenge the mighty king of Egypt. Jesus was God in human form and he said I am meek and lowly in my heart Mathew 11:29.

Two of the magic words which can open the iron gates when used properly are please and sorry. But, for the arrogant person, it is simply too heavy and hard for them to use those magic miracle making words. God is not against us for getting angry, but it must be done in a manner that is not displeasing to God. Be ye angry, and sin not Ephesians 4:26. There is a godless anger which will trigger destruction, and the godly anger which will create blessings. We must know the art of keeping our temper under control, and the best administrator is the governor of his temper. Meekness can create the effect upon others like a soothing medicine or like a gentle cool breeze in a hot and humid day. Both the medicine and breeze have power.
When Abraham left Ur, his brothers son Lot was standing helpless because his father was dead. Father Abraham received a special award from God the friend of God. In their faith journey, there were many minor and major frictions, but Abraham displayed an attitude of greater humility and meekness. If we were in Abrahams shoes, we will be telling him in front of other people Lot, you were helpless and I showed you mercy. You better listen to what I say, or else get out. And Abraham said unto Lot Let there be no strife, I PRAY THEE, between me and thee, and between my herdsmen and thy herdsmen; for we be brethren. Is not the whole land before thee? separate thyself, I PRAY THEE, from me; if you take the left hand, then I will go to the right; or if you depart to the right hand, then I will go to the left. Gen 13: 8-9.
Lot would have been the best inside trader in Wall Street. He took all of the best land towards Jordan went further to the east and ended up in the sin-sick city of Sodom. But Abraham went in the opposite direction towards Canaan, probably owned plenty of dry land with tons of sand. One fine morning, the ever-so deceptive Lot had to leave everything-lost his wife on the way and ended up in the cave with his two daughters. Abraham had the assurance that God will bless him in any location he was placed.


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gt houston (March 9, 2012)
The above article has ditto sentences that is mentioned in a book that I am going through I do not want to accuse the writer with Plagiarism but it is close to it.
joshy banglore (February 8, 2012)
what happened uncle articles in latest issues
a. s. mathew (February 3, 2012)
brother mathews: thank you so much for your touching comments and prayers. the belivers journal is getting more popular every day, that is a great news. let us all pray and work hard to create a new revolution of christ's love today. for god so loved the world... . he loves all human beings of the world so he gave his only begotten son jesus christ. when we look ourselves, in our attitude and pattern of love, we are turning like selfish. we show love and respect to our denominations and people of our same status etc. we weed to bypass that mindset, and show the love of god, which will change the society. the only purpose of my writing of articles or comments is to motivate the believers, especially the young generation to leap down to that vision. thank you all for your prayers and motivations. god bless you all.
linta martin (February 3, 2012)
our believers talking more about gods love,grace,mercy etc.but in their life?........................
andrew xavier (February 3, 2012)
@ Mathews - love thy neighbor, love thy enemy,not just the humble one's, the humble one's can survive without your prayer. Anyway it helps to know you are a prayer-warrior!
mathews (February 2, 2012)
i think a s mathew is ahumble our family prayer we will remember you.may god bless you and strengthen you to write more good article.
a. s. mathew (January 31, 2012)
Thank you all for your very touching comments about the article. May God richly bless you all. Please pray for me to write more articles. Your encouragements and prayers are greatly appreciated.
mathews (January 31, 2012)
dear a s mathew,your writings&comments are very good.your advise,opinion,experiences all r is very much blessed to readers.may god bless you.
pheba (January 30, 2012)
Sir, Good Article. Very good. This article is very important to all person. This article will help me to change my life. Really touch. God Will help you again to write these type of articles. God Bless you Sir.
a. s. mathew (January 30, 2012)
brother martin, kuwait: i write comments in the gulf news ( a. sam mathew), daijiworld, mangalorean, mangaloretoday, prise the almighty,

the times of india, the economic news, mangalam and in some other papers

published from thailand, nepal and england. your question was

very encouraging, god bless you. god encouraged me to write comments in the karnataka papers when the bjp came into power and tried my best to stand for the rights of the christian community. thank you for reading my comments.
martin,kuwait (January 30, 2012)
may we know about a s mathew.we read his letters in different it same mathews or?
thomas mumbai (January 27, 2012)
agood article by mathew sir.
joshy banglore (January 23, 2012)
uncle mathew we always like your articles.
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