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2012 PCNAK Canada Conference - Pastor Easaw Philip responding to the allegations by National Secretary Thomas Kurian

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Publish Date: Sep 26, 2012
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Sept 25, 2012

Dear National Representatives and Local Executives of 30th PCNAK,

Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Hope that all of you are keeping well physically and spiritually, in the Lord. We missed some of you in the Conference at Hamilton. It was a very blessed conference for those who attended, as per the reports I received later. I thank God for His faithfulness to us and am grateful to those who ministered at the conference. Also I want to thank each of you who supported us through your prayers and presence, as well as your financial support.

I am forced to present certain facts about what transpired after the 30th conference, for those who love the PCNAK. The need for this email arose because of the following reasons:

1. To my astonishment, the National Secretary of the 30th PCNAK will not answer my phone calls, nor he will call back when messages are left on his phone. More than once, he did not participate in the conference call of the National Executives.


3. We have completed the accounts as on August 31st (the date of last bank statement) by completing the Receipts and Disbursements Journal and also prepared a draft of the Statement of Receipts and Disbursements and sent to the National Treasurer on Sept 17th for his review and then to forward to the National Secretary.

4. The above information was sent to the National Secretary by email on Sept 17th 8:36 PM.

5. After less than 23 hours,(Sept 18th 7:34 PM), the National Secretary sent an email to all National Representatives and whoever was on his BCC with a news release attachment, accusing the National Treasurer and me, on various matters.

6. The above news release was published in its entirety in news media.
Since the National Secretary is even accusing me about the accounts of the 10th PCNAK held in Toronto that happened twenty years ago, let me address this concern first, before I address his accusations regarding the 30th PCNAK.

Facts: It was the first time in the history of PCNAK we decided to do some charitable work. People contributed for special projects as announced by the conference and the funds were distributed to its recipients, through Independent organizations such as the Good News, Malabar Messenger and SworgeeyaDhwoni, for the marriage of 10 girls, houses for 10 needy families, and scholarship for 10 needy students. The help for 10 Bible school students and 10 North Indian Missionaries for one year, were made through various Bible schools and Church denominations or organizations. A complete report of the charitable activities was published in the 10th PCNAK Souvenir.

What happened at the general body of the next conference was, someone questioned why all the funds that were collected for special projects were not utilized fully for that purpose. An explanation was given that, in fact, we did more than what we initially planned to do and the balance of $3000 was handed over to the 11th conference and the matter was closed.

It is really unfortunate that someone is being accused without knowing any facts or truth and I want to state that it is absolutely wrong before God and man.

30th PCNAK
Accusation No 1. On several occasions National Secretary asked for accounts, but were not given and accounts were not completed even 2 months after the conference.

Facts: The conference received funds from various sources such as personal donations, church donations, and registration advances and all these were deposited by the Local Treasurer. The National Treasurer, National Secretary and the National Convener opened the bank accounts together, and all of them were given access to the accounts to logon and see the accounts at any time. Before the actual conference dates, only certain advances for the facility and hotels were paid, which were duly informed to all National Executives. Payments for online registrations were made through PayPal which was opened and operated by the National Secretary and I never got any access to this account.

Majority of the disbursements occurred during and after the conference and all payments were given by issuing cheques only, with an exception of three or four small cash payments, which have been duly accounted for.
All conference offerings were counted and recorded by a team of 5-6 people, including Bro. John Mathai, National Representative of Illinois, the Head Usher and the Local Treasurer.
On July 25th, the National Treasurer sent the National Executives a spreadsheet of all the cheques that had been issued from the PCNAK bank accounts, indicating which ones were yet to be cashed.

On July 28th, I sent a revised spreadsheet to the National Executives, taking into account the bank drafts for the facility and food, as well as wire transfer to Desperation Band, which werelarge amounts. In addition to this, I included the current bank balances to estimate the deficit.

The National Secretary initiated a conference call of the National Executives on July 30th, but he did not attend. I sent an email requesting for another conference call on August 1st, and the National Secretary did not attend that call either.

Based on the above facts, how can the National Secretary accuse anyone that the accounts were not given to him.

Even though the National Treasurer kept all the accounts of both Receipts and Disbursements, he asked me to get some help in finalizing the statements as early as possible, because of the pressure and the ultimatum from the National Secretary. Hence I got some help in that matter from one of our brothers in Toronto, who is an experienced accountant and the Statements were prepared upto August 31st and was sent to the National Treasurer for his review and to send to the National Secretary after his review. This was conveyed to the national Secretary on Sept 17th at 8:36 PM by email.

Based on the above facts, it is very clear that there is no basis for his allegations. I want to reiterate that the National Secretarys actions of sending the news report with lots of false accusations to the news media was unwarranted for and in deplorably poor taste.

Accusation No. 2 How come the 30th PCNAK is on deficit and why did the National Treasurer say that there will not be a deficit.

1. Based on previous conferences, we expected the attendees to be 4000-5000. (The 10th PCNAK had an attendance of more than 3000 people.) We could not locate any hotels with a large conference hall to accommodate that many people. Therefore we had no choice but to choose the Hamilton Convention Centre and the Copps Coliseum, for which we incurred rental charges of about $28,759 even after getting a grant of $45,000 from the city.

2. Attendees were much less than expected; in fact just above 2000.

3.Fixed costs were high, irrespective of the number of attendees.

4. Discounted accommodation cost $123.17 vs $99.00 = $24.17 per day per room. The cost of Food $55.00 vs. $45.00 per day per person. Also, free parking was offered for pre-registrants. Bro. Benny and I wanted to keep the room rate at $109.00 and we did not want to offer free parking, but we gave in as Bro. Thomas Kurian insisted on these and finally we agreed, as it was to be offered only till March 31st. But since Bro. Thomas Kurian decided to have the Promotional meeting in New York to be held only in mid-May, we had to offer the pre-registration rate until May 31st. That means, when our cost for a room for 2 adults with parking was $779.51, we collected only $607.00. The total shortfall on food and accommodation alone is about $56,000. Parking was extra, on top of it.

5. On Friday July 6th night, the national executives and two local executives (Bro. Bobby John and Bro. Joy Chacko) got together in my room after the evening meeting. We consolidated all the money received during the conference up to that point from registration, offerings, etc., in order to deposit the money into the bank on Saturday morning. I then presented a draft spreadsheet that contained the expenses that had been paid to date, along with the expenses that were yet to be paid for the hotels, facilities, food, etc. Based on this, and the current balance in the two PCNAK bank accounts, I estimated that the deficit at this point was around $32,000 and since I felt it would be good to give at least $8000 to the 31st PCNAK, I urged that we needed to raise approximately $40,000. However, the National Treasurer and National Secretary did not agree that we needed to make a special appeal for funds, and felt that with the remaining regular conference offerings, there would be sufficient funds to pay off all the expenses. The National Treasurer announced on July 7 evening that if everyone gave $25 in the offering, the accounts should be OK, and many people responded and we got $10,402.

6. After the Saturday July 7th night meeting, the National Executives and the local treasurer Bro. Joy Chacko met again and I pleaded that at least $25,000 would have to be raised to balance the accounts. However, again the National Treasurer and National Secretary did not agree that we needed to make a special appeal for funds. Thus no special appeal for funds was made to the PCNAK attendees on Sunday July 8. On Sunday, the National Treasurer thanked the attendees for their contributions. I did not make any plea for extra offering, as there was no agreement among the Executives, and I did not want to create any confusion.

After the conference, on discussion with the National Treasurer, he acknowledged that he did not realize that we have to pay HST (13% tax) and hence he did not include the taxes in his projected expenses. In fact, the total tax that we paid for the facility and food comes to approximately $40,000.00.

Conclusion: Instead of resolving any petty differences among the National Executives and working in unity for the success of the conference, the National Secretary chose a path of destruction and retaliation. This kind of action is unprecedented in the history of PCNAK. May God give him the grace and wisdom to realize the immensity of the damages he has caused by his actions and help him to undo the same by taking appropriate steps. I hope that the National Secretary will realize his role in getting us in the financial restraint and rather than shrugging off his responsibility, and he and Bro. Reji Abraham will step in and help us out of this debt of $40,000.00.

Thank you for taking the time to read this email. I hope you understand the feelings of Bro. Benny John and me. Please remember us in your prayers.

With Christian love

Easaw Philip
National Convener



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spkumbanad (November 30, 2012)
Dear Easow...

You may be calling Easooyeeee...

Any one who is handling the Lord's money should be VERY careful.

Otherwise we may ended up calling Easooyeee.. like Judas.

aalkoottathiloruvan (November 29, 2012)
what is going on now is beyond my belief. (my exposure to conference is very limited, but i thought it is always good to have a reunion once in an year)

please stop throwing mud at each other. always remember: after all we are brothers. we are equal heirs to the inheritance. nobody is perfect.

there is no problem in this world that cannot be fixed. washing the dirty laundry in public is not the right approach. try to be civil.

for the coming pcnaks i have this 2 cents worth to throw: create a database for "lessons learned." we can always learn from our mistakes. share it with the committee before they make a step. and also look at problems as an opportunity for improvement. (i wrote this because i do problem solving for a lving)

-a well wisher from michigan.
a., s. mathew (November 13, 2012)
Brother Duke: " Christians be Christians" is the most critical challenge we are faced with today! It used to be Sunday Christians and Monday-Saturday worldly people. The U.S. stores used to close all day Sunday, later on, they began to open at 1 PM on Sundays. The Sunday Christians were forced to follow that pattern of the stores. After the great service and holy hugging, another chapter is opening in the the "General Body Meetings" on the same day. What happened to the holy kissing and hugging took place hours back? "Christians be Christians" at all times.
duke (November 12, 2012)
Can we stop all this finger pointing. I think it is time for men to act like men. Christians be Christians.
sam (November 9, 2012)
i cant take the statement of ep in face value. if the statememnt of ep is correct, then statement should be published by treasure or atleast endorced by him. as well why ep is making financial statement instead of treasurer? here national treasurer or local treasurer or any of the local comittee supporting what ep's statemet or account. ep made this statement just few min after the deadline secretary given. it is clear that ep can't proove the $45k debt. if so let him and treasurer publish or disclose how they managing this debt now? who supporting this fund? how many cheques bounced? how the local and national comittee ignored the tax system in canada, especially local comittee and ep?

why cant appoint an independent team to evaluate the account of 2012 pcnak?
sam (October 29, 2012)
If Easo philip is right, then why he is afraid to disclose PCNAK accounts to the committee or to the general public. Let the congreagation read and understand what is correct. As far as I understand Easo phlip doesen't want to disclose any account that's why he is bringing up the debt story.
sanjari (October 8, 2012)
do we have a response from tk yet on the clarification made by rev easow philip,in the absence of which we believe tk created this mess,which otherwise would have been resolved amicably.

pappajones (October 3, 2012)
I don't want to comment about PCNAK. But What is the story with TK.
a historian (September 29, 2012)
as per the general body's decision tk ah, tk is resposible for the debt $20,000.00 of total 40,000 no excuse thomatha we know your tricks
believer (September 29, 2012)
pcnak fan, sorry to write something that would have hurt you. after all

i want the name of our god be glorified. i have no hatred against anybody. we all are accountable to god. god bless you.
truth teller (September 28, 2012)
When are we planning to end this PCNAK?. I thing we Malayalee Pentecostals are a total disgrace to the community. We have no morals but act holy. We are one of the worst characters that one can be labelled on a human.
a pcnak fan (September 28, 2012)
he believer, i am really sorry mentioning your wife. i should haven't said that. i appoligize for that. god bless u too. bye
witsend (September 28, 2012)
TK is trying to shirk from his responsibility by attacking the Convener and Treasurer, so that he would not have to share the burden of $40,000 deficit.

believer (September 28, 2012)
dear pcnak fan, why you are getting mad at me? you don't know me and i don't now you. please don't judge based on what you see/hear. i am a person who support lot of people with my earned money. mostly every year i spent ~20,0000 dollars for the poor people. this is above my tithe to church. i mentioned it only because you thought i am against supporting poor ones. i don't advertise it. you made comment about my wife. why did you do that? what she has to do with our discussion? you must have gotton hurt, because you are part of wasting pcnak money. what i said was, please don't collect unwanted money, pressuring people who already spent lot by attending the conference. you represent a typical pharasee. god bless you. hopefully we all meet before the judgement seat. bye.
a pcnak fan (September 28, 2012)
smart lady(?, I don't want to go ahead with much arguements. I am sorry!

truthful (September 28, 2012)
pcnak fan gave himself away with his last comment.
a smart lady (September 28, 2012)
pcnak fan, You look like a person directly involved in spending others money. I don't think you are a clean person. You are attacking "believer" for telling some truth. You be a "Jesus Fan" not a pcnak fan. Do you believe your wife? Don't leave her alone. I know her life. Be careful.
a pcnak fan (September 27, 2012)
dear believer what is your opinion about the surplus money. let's adichupokkkam with that. right? i think u don't like giving the needy with that which we have left over. sir, if i went to india, that is our own money, not pcnak's. our cpa has verified it.i don't want your certificate. i guess u don't believe anybody, even your wife,may be even god. i don't want to speak to u anymore.
staight talk (September 27, 2012)
An American Pastor: very true.
sadu easo (September 27, 2012)
ende eeso ellam konde poyi thinne...all poor malus money...u can fool people..not God
believer (September 27, 2012)
Dear pcnak fan, You may be one of the people who took part in visiting India with others money. That is why you made that statement. I know what I said is correct and not a worst idea.
a pcnak fan (September 27, 2012)
Hi believer, you cannot be a believer. So better u don't have to attend any conference. your's is the worst idea ever.
believer (September 27, 2012)
for last few years what we see at pcnak is that they collect more money than needed and they take another trip to india to distribute that extra money. if you collect for one purpose you should be spending it for that purpose only. if you want to help, please use your money. we all give out of our pocket, which we earned from hard work. i stopped giving contribution for pcnak conferences, because of this business. i felt it is "shining" opportunity, with somebody else's money. stop this business also. remember we all are accountable to god.
viswasee (September 27, 2012)
i would not be harsh if i would comment that pcnak needs to be more structured as an organisation with transparent fianancial transactions and accountability or else it will be mired in more controversies in the years to come.
vishwasee (September 27, 2012)
i was the first person to raise an alarm against this gentleman tk thru this column,this person is a fraud of the highest order, has many financial allegations against him in new york.yet he walks in an authority which would supercede our honorable president.I would certainly request an audit of his personal income post pcnak 2012. Finally i feel sorry for the National convener for not been able to excercise authority leading to such a situation,
neerishakan us (September 27, 2012)
i remember a story like this: a man always troubling everyone while he was on this earth. when he was at his deathbed, he apologized to everyone for his bad behaviour and he said, i have always put paras on all of you in my life. for everything i have done to all, when i die, please put a "para" in my behind for all your satisfaction. later, he called the police and said, here are some people trying to put a "para" in my rear. please arrest them after i die. the moral of the story is: you are a para to everyone when you are live and a bigger para after you die"---tk was always a para in pcnak and was a para in 2012pcnak and a bigger para even after his departure from canada conference.
an american pastor (September 27, 2012)
pcnak started with good intention. but nowadays it is becoming more political than real kerala politics. i have many bad experience from it. then i stopped attending. they give programs only for pastors belonging to one of the constituting churches. i do not want to mention its name. why we do this? we are saying that we are christians and no christian character. come back to the basics. i saw this tk after becoming the secretary. "thalakkanam". remember after all we are human being. nothing but a "breath".
pi john (September 27, 2012)
I think he doesn't want to face the 2012 officials next year at the General body so lets break the 2013 PCNAK. Good idea! Mone dinesha pani kollaam!
counsel man (September 27, 2012)
now we all know that tk had put his hands in the money business. the only question remains now is how much money he took from paypal. you lied to everyone tk. your credability is gone. i am sure some pastors from ny will agree with you on this too. you wrote that lots of people are after the money and position. but, you proved it. congratulations! it seems you are the #1 in that list.
a pcnak fan (September 27, 2012)
I think it is tk that put the comment by the name "wenttocanada" because he says "we all got paypal receipts from tk's personal email." The question is that how can a person konw that tk send email to all the others that had registered? so it should be tk that put the comment or a supporter of tk, sure.

a pcnak fan (September 27, 2012)
Hi wenttocanada, that means tk was playing game to trouble his fellow brothers of pcnak2012. He seems to find delights in troubling others like he is doing to PCNAK2013. right?
wenttocanada (September 27, 2012)
We all got paypal receipts from tk's personal email when registered to canada conference. then he had the guts to publish that he never touched the money. just kept quiet to let authorities speak.
canadian (September 26, 2012)
mr.t.k stated in his letter that he has nothing to do with finance and there are many people after the money and prestige in pcnak. i always knew he is not a trustworty person to depend on. he is an opportunist and a selfish individual. instead of working as a team, he ran away like a coward. he focused his attention to pcnak2013 with some pastors from ny so that his problem won't be on highlight. you are a disgrace to pcnak community. act like a man tk. i also commend pastor ep for his explanation of how and what happened. tk wanted to be a saint in front of other people. learn from the man of god. be humble. grow up big man before someone call you kallathoma or kalluthoma.
doulos (September 26, 2012)
well, now let us judge who is right and not right. no wonder many innocent people are not going to conferences these days. spending four thousand dollars per family, and getting nothing in return(spiritual blessings)is not fair at all. kasu koduthu nirasa vangunnu. yesuvinte namathil mosamaya karyangal. lord, firgive us what we were doing and what we are doing. lord, we already killed our next generation. lord, help us to weep like jeremiah.
truthful (September 26, 2012)
Finally the truth comes out. Everyone will reap according to what they sow. This is a lesson for all the players who prey on innocent people. God is a righteous judge. Learn to fear God.
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