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Sam Mathew Murder - wife and her lover gets life sentence
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Publish Date: Dec 23, 2011
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Sam Mathew Murder - wife and her lover gets life sentence.
Sam Mathew Murder - wife and her lover gets life sentence
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asnit (June 19, 2015)
@erer sorry to ask u dear can u please give that pastor son face book id just I want to know more things
babu george (March 16, 2014)
Eee comment paranja arkenkilum enganeyulla kalla sashyathinte yadharthyam thirichariyan thakka aathmeeya kazhchappado varamo undo? Ellenkil pinne anthinanu vimarshikkunnathu? Karthavu paranjathu evide orkuka "ningalil papamillathavar evale kalleriyatte"
joy chembakaseri (September 16, 2013)
@ rm- i noticed it,when i saw that report for the first time!the remembrance of the child's face in the picture disturbs me and put me in a dooms corner- what has he done wrong?

children are heaven sent angels to the world!the luminous glee on their face lightens up the whole world around us.our days brightens up when they are around us,their smile is like another sunrise to us! my heart burns when i see a child suffering!

every effort should be made towards the welfare of this angel.this child should be protected from all pertinent information,until he becomes mature enough to know the facts.i pray that god grant him the serenity to accept realities and pursue to move-on with his life!

@ really- weather its my real name or not is, none of your business, whats your problem? you don't get no recognition from the crowd? why you hiding under a fake name-'really'?reveal yourself who you are, then we can talk one on one.anyway i am not looking for recognition from crooks l
rm (September 13, 2013)
has anyone amongst us yet noticed d little childs face???wt wrong has he done in his life???
a. nath (February 6, 2013)
@ashish sam mathew

if possible contact me on
a. nath (February 6, 2013)
where is ashish now a days.i wanted to talk to him.

i used to study with him in indore
varghese, usa (August 20, 2012)
Malayalee penticostal churches are corrupted these days. More corruption occured in the Pastors/leaders than ordinary believers. In USA, several malayalee penticostal Pastors are proven guilty of crimes, several others are fallen,. Many top malayalee penticostal pastors in USA, fallen in sin, several others are accused of seriouos sin. Heard about a pastor stole an item from the store and police caught him, another Pastor did fraud at work place along with a beliver sister, and they both were terminated from work. Several pastors are greedy and for money they will do any nasty things....they are not guilty of betraying their fellow brotherns for money. After doing all these sins, they come on Sunday and preach to believers on how to lead good victorious life. For positions they play cheap politics.... Hypocrats... We need to pray for these pastors.. At the same time, there are several good God fearing Saints of God also.. but they are minority.. their number is less than the Frauds.
asnit (June 19, 2012)
dear listners..., pls avoid useless words.. how many of knows about their whole history? why u peoples are crusifying dat church..? what *** they are done? first you realise the history.. sharon church nd the pastor were the innocent witness in this story. They also realise whole their history after this incident. so pls avoid useless comments! @editor. u should give explanation to all listners and especilly giv to our almighty god.. pls remove dat foolishness statement

It's my humble request for you!
robert varghese (June 8, 2012)
Darshanam nashttapetta pentcostkarude idayil ithilum appuram nakkum...darshanam nashttapetta nethakkanmar adhikarakothiyanmar maari...vivechanavaram ulla..aadhyakala vishwasathilekku madanguka.
medu (April 28, 2012)
hii to all who have n indore for the past 7 yrs... i knw mr sunny mathew, his wife... ashish and sam uncle.... the people who r saying tht sam uncle had sum financial problem u r wrong.. he was well settled... and financially sound. it ws mr sunny mathew and reny who commited crime and adultery.god knows everything... mr sam mathew had done many financial helps for ICPF.. no leaders of icpt can regret this... a camp organised in indore on behalf of icpf was supported by mr sam mathew...and lot more things r thr.....and please dear UNCLES if u dont knw abt any thing pls dont make comments on tht ernakulam sharon he never made prophecies... he was a choir leader....just...tht... and m feeling bad for ashish and kezia.... just ignore these old buggers..... stay close to our god almighty...he will guide u and will provide strength....our prayers r with u...

jj (March 19, 2012)
Late Sam Mathew already told the local Pastor about Sunny and Pastor told him Sunny is good man and active in ICPF and Sam Mathew pardon him and on the Sunday worship he apologize him openly, but he knew Sunny is a regular visitor at home; Sam Mathew was supporting him financially before and he stopped the support. Is any commends from local church??
pr. sam k thomas (March 14, 2012)
@ Ashish Sam Mathew

Mone if possible pls email me at your contact if you see this message.

To all, Guys...Past is past. we are not called to be judges. Lets think of the two minds that are in pain reading these messages!
binu, usa (January 24, 2012)
Beware of the people acting as Christians. Do not have friendship or any kind of deal with these kinds of people; don't let them to come to your home in any situation. They will spoil your life. We are having many incidence like this, but most of the believer they are ignorant about these types of people and about the word of God. Main reason is the corrupted pastor they don't want cast out these kinds of people from the church, because they want keep their positions and want become the pastor of mega churches. This is just one incident, but lot of these types of wolves are roaming around to spoil the sheep.
thepraize (January 20, 2012)
@joy chembakasseril, usa,sorry i missed ur email id request,you may please direct all communications to Apologies again.Blessings
thomas (January 18, 2012)
If Sunny Mathew and Reni comes to our church next year then how many of us will understand their real nature by the help of the Holy Spirit.
We cannot blame the Pastor or the church at Ernakulam. We must realize that there are many fake believers and pastors are around us
joy chembakasseril, usa. (January 17, 2012)
to- A S Mathew and thepraize send me your e-mail addresses !
a. s. mathew (January 15, 2012)
BROTHER JOY CHEMBAKKASSERIL, where are you? Your response would be
greatly requested.
tom (January 14, 2012)
Some one please get Joy back. Rajan arriyapally isn't he close to you?just stop by his home and tell him to come back and write. I was having good laugh , I missed it.
ashish sam mathew (January 1, 2012)
@james- i have undergone the incident once and that's enough for me... i don't want to relive it all over again... and i don't want to speak out the truth in front of some who are using this post to boost their depleted egos...

@thepraize- thank you for understanding the situation and asking not to speak out regarding the issue... me and my sister have already done that... in the court... and the result is there for all to see...

james (December 31, 2011)
@ashish sam mathew We are still waiting for your reply. We were under the impression that Sam Mathew never had a teenaged son. If not I will try to reach out to my Indore resources to get the info.
a. s. mathew (December 31, 2011)
Half a glass of water is observed by
people in two levels. Some will say
"half full" yet a vast majority will
say " half empty".

Personally I knows some people who are
late to attend the Church worship, but there on time in every general body meeting and to be active and vibrant participants
in the hot debates touching the subjects of finance or Church responsibilties. The
professional wrestling is watched by
far more people than the "Billy Graham
Crusade" or the movie "Sound of Music".

It seems like the comments columns are
are getting active, and the comments are
turning into personal attack category
which is a very dangerious trend, and
must be watched very carefully.
We must express our views and opinions
by keeping certain limit and courtesy.
We must stand firm in our faith, also against tricks and business in the
Church world.

a. s. mathew (December 31, 2011)
brother thomas vemmelil: that is very true. the spirit
of discernment is lacking so deeply
in the churches. as believers in
christ, when people come across our life
holding the banner of jesus christ, due to our love to jesus, we simply fail to
read the mind of that
person holding the banner of jesus.
personally speaking, perhaps i may be
getting a d minus in that respect and i am not ashamed of telling about my lack in
discerning people who have tactfully
put a mantle as a true follower of
christ. " everybody brings us happiness: some by coming in and other
people by going out". if these so called annointed servants of god claiming to have spiritual gifts of
prophecy etc, after their visit with us,
simply find out whether we are blessed in any way or faced with more problems and
misery! if it is blessings...that is
from god, if it is misery...that is
from the devil. apply
a. s. mathew (December 31, 2011)
JAMES: The love of money is the root
cause of all evils. Even though, money has no use for the next life, many people who are greatly exicited to reach
heaven and to see JESUS (in preaching)
have such a great love for money. They
are trying to have millions of dollars
saved here for their children.
The Bible says very clearly that God will provide for His children
even in the times of famine (Psalms 37:19). Is it the lack of faith or the love for money?
really (December 30, 2011)
Mr. Joy C...i think you just proved your inferiority complex from your words. thanks for making my job easy. however, one question - is your real name Joy C? is that what your parents or your wife or children call you - either the Joy or the Chembakasheril? is either of those in your official name? Or is it some name you use because your original name does not make you feel important enough? typically politicians and artists use made up names to gain attention...i want to bet that you are neither, but just a wannabe online malayalee pentecostal celebrity sitting in judgement of everyone else.
james (December 30, 2011)
@prgv Dont be alarmed by these kind of heinous acts by so called leaders of the church. Do you all remember the name of Santhosh Paul from New York? He tried to end the life of his wife for Million Dollar Insurance policy. He used to be a Youth Pastor Leader in a pentecostal church. So in these days it is hard to understand or even comprehend why such things happen.
prgv (December 30, 2011)
Dear Editor I just want to know that, the picture of a child with sunny and reny is really their child of not. Do you have any solid proof which can prove that this child is belongs to both of these murderers.
prgv (December 30, 2011)
All the best to the pastor and the church who admitted sunny and reny in their church as church members. Without knowing anybody's background or history if some church does accept such people to their church it is just like committing suicide. So all the pastors and believers please take care of such things.It was a shocking news to the christians in Indore. But anyhow the culprits got punishment. But donot know which church/so called leader is going to give them money to move this case to the high court and supreme court to get these two culprits out of jail. I doubt this because one so called leader of a church has given money to sunny to get bail first time when we was in the jail. so now the same can be repeated.
joy chembakasseril, usa. (December 29, 2011)
@ oommen george- just like you being a oommen george ! Who knows you are an oo.... george or something else..... Haa haa haa haa haa !
oommen george (December 29, 2011)
Heard enough of you bi-tching about not using real names. This forum allows every one to use anonymous names. Otherwise it would have had registration/login setup etc. Everyone is free to comment here with fake names just the way you do it whenever you want to hide under a fake name and say something that you don't want others to read under Joy Chembakasseril name. So stop crying over the "fake name".
joy chembakasseril, usa. (December 29, 2011)
@ really & klm- your words speak your wisdom, your behaviour proves your complex ! don't you blame me for that. 'really' , if you feel i am superior, then that means you are inferior and also thereby you have an inferiority complex. you inferiority is reflecting on your words and i see that. just like you and klm hiding under fake names, asish, might be somebody else. as far as my life and other activities are concerned, that's non of your business and you don't have to take my comments seriously, 'cause you don't understand them anyway, i got many others who understand them properly. you all are mis-quoting me, and its your complex that makes you do it. i will continue to do whatever i need to do, at any given point of time, if i think i need to do and make no mistake you can count me on that ! may god grant you the wisdom, to shed of your complex and react to others in the appropriate manner, respectfully !
really (December 29, 2011)
I mean -really Mr. Joy C. really needs to get a life. Does he really need to comment on every item. Does he not work or have a family or anything productive to do in life? He sounds like a man whose words no one really takes seriously in life and so he is voicing his opinions on a forum where the only person standing between him and the world knowing his opinions is the forum moderator. It was really uncalled for him to question where Ashish is truly the son of the deceased man of God. Mr. Joy needs to consider the other side of the issue - if for any chance it is truly the son as he claimed, how would he receive the comments especially on such a very tragic incidents. Dont you have parents and children? Please be more sensitive in your comments and kindly shed any feelings of superiority you may harbor in your minds.
thepraize (December 29, 2011)
Ashish,please accept my sympathies, i feel the pain and anguish,never loose heart.
I would not recommend you to speak on the events that lead to what we read in the media,i think every body here needs to respect your emotions and privacy and not generate a sensation,regarding the unfortunate incident.

Trust in the Lord and take good care of your younger one.You are in our prayers,God Bless
klm (December 29, 2011)
Is this Joy Chembakasserril some Living Wikipedia or something? How the *** he know whether sunny works for ICPF/CGPF or not. Get a life dude...don't talk as if you know everything.
james (December 29, 2011)
@ashish sam mathew

Ashish, Please tell us the truth as to what happened. The media sometimes twist the truth and create sensationalism. You seems like very young and went trough some harrowing times. We do feel bad for your family and for the loss.
ashish sam mathew (December 29, 2011)
@joy chembakasseril, usa.

i don't have to prove to you that i am the son of sam mathew. i don't know if you were really trying to be sympathetic to the issue.... or for that matter to me and my family... your words hardly seemed so... if you doubt it's really me you can come and meet me at surat, where i stay currently, or go to indore.... what irked me most was that you seemed to be trying to defend icpf/cgpf.... by saying that he was not with icpf... he was with icpf.... and please don't try to tell me whether my words truly show my emotions... it is i and my sister who have been suffering for the last four years... i know how to respect others... but when somebody keeps commenting about my father without knowing the truth, it hurts... i was 13 years old at that time... i was not a kid... i could understand things... you can ask dr. d. joshua, vp of icpf, as to how and who my father was...
joy chembakasseril, usa. (December 28, 2011)
to, who ever it may concern-- please excuse me, and beg a pardon, if i inflict wounds on anybodies feelings about deceased brother "sam mathew". i have said this before, word expressions has its limitations, sometimes the reader does not get the real essence of what the writer meant in the writing in the correct perspective! but as long as we (the world) have no other alternative other than expressing in words and writing, in its place we have to be content with it. by saying sam and reni were having fights, all i meant to say is certain things happened because of certain situations, i was not trying to accuse bro sam mathew at that point. reference of sunny mathew as a prayer-warrior and saviour was made in a sarcatic way. just like as said before, "words sometimes don't reflect the exact meaning of what the author meant" and that's the reason why i am making this clarification ! i was simply trying to be sympathatic to deceased brother sam mathew and his kids and relatives !
joy chembakasseril, usa. (December 28, 2011)
@ ashish sam mathew- i don't think you are the real true son of sam mathew, you are somebody in disguise acting as his son, without his true son not knowing it. you must have so interest in this matter, i guess. don't ever think you got everybody with you with your statements you just made on the internet. a symptom that i can truly read here is that- these statements you made does not reflect the emotions that a true son would naturally have towards his murdered father! we were all trying to sympathize with murdered sam mathew and condemn the murderer sunny mathew and his accomplice ! if you were a true son you would have atleast respected it, come on, who you trying to fool with ???
video (December 28, 2011)
video on the and sentence.
erer (December 28, 2011)
@joseph philip ekm,entha sahodara choodakunnathu.eranakulathe oru sharon church ennu mathramalle ezhuthiyullu.ningalude sabhayil sunny aradhanayil paattinu nethruthvam koduthille.prebodhanam paranjille,nigalude upadesiyude makante face bookil photo ittille,picnic yathrayil sunny vandiyil prarthicha photo kandille.kulapathakanum kulapathakiyum oru varsham muzhuvan avide arathichappol ee roksham evideyayirunnu sahodara
ashish sam mathew (December 27, 2011)
Also, if you want to know more details about Sam's nature and the condition of his business, you are welcome to come to Indore and talk with Indore Police, or for that matter his neighbour's... they will testify about him...
ashish sam mathew (December 27, 2011)
@ joy chembakasseril, usa and @ phillip parakkaattil, ktm.- hi... i am ashish sam mathew, son of sam mathew who was murdered in indore. i would like to clarify... nah... correct some of what you have said. please get your facts right before you blather on the internet. you said that sam mathew was facing financial problems. i want to correct you... there would be no other source better than me to verify it.... you are welcome to come to indore and get information from all his colleagues, whom he worked with and ask how he was doing financially. as for sunny, he was not a prayer warrior. he was just a staff worker of icpf... even the cgpf indore and icpf hq at kerala concur with that and agree that they made a mistake with sunny mathew... you all get your facts right before making any *** claims... sam mathew was a member of cgpf and that's how sunny gained entry into his house... mr. joy chembakasseril... you seem to some "thekedaar" of icpf.... cont..
kolkata news (December 27, 2011)
Kaalam poya pokku! Sunnyeyum renyeyum thooki kollanam...
joseph philiph ekm (December 27, 2011)
hello editor, first you should enquire whole details... unnecessarly should not publish anything..... avideyenkilum kelkkunnathu publish chayunnathinu DHAIVATHINTE munbil kanakku kodukkendi varum... Sunny avidaya pravachichathu, onnu parayanamallo ethinte editor..
thomas vemmelil (December 26, 2011)
To AS Mathew:- " spirit of discernment" is the one which we miss in Christendom today. The more we experience Christ, the more discernment we shall have. In fact, Christ Himself will become our discernment, our sensitive perception, our moral tact. By experiencing Christ we become sensitive and tactful. Such tact is neither natural nor that gained by education. It comes only through the experience of Christ. As we experience Christ, He becomes our perception and tact, the discernment by which we see through the intentions of others. With Christ as our x-ray, no one can hide from our perception. We all need such discernment.
a. s. mathew (December 26, 2011)
More than 45 years, I knew one well known Prophet in the Pentecostal Church.
brother of late Pastor P.S. SAMUEL, who
left his home very early in his life,
went by faith all the way to Raipoor and estatblished a great ministry there.
Yohannachan was well respected by believers of all the Pentecostal Churches and even non-Pentecostal Churches.

Now, if we have a visitor from India
visiting our home,
if we ask them to pray for one need,
immediately they have a prophecy to tell, and some of them are very scary
prophecies. Beware of all these ready-made
prophets. Only a very few are called
by God to be God's prophets.
joy chembakasseril, usa. (December 26, 2011)
to Babu,ksa-I remember this case- the CULPRITS,Sunny Mathew and Reni,had a plot to k'ill Sam Mathew,Reni's husband, by portraying a story,that,some thugs ransacked the house,killed the man in the house[sam],tied up the woman and children,locked them up in a room and speed away! That was the plot, but they stumbled on it,because of smart police intervention!
Reni had a dislike for her husband Sam Mathew at that time, due to their difference of opinions,financial crisis of the family and occasional fights over those issues and this Character Sunny Mathew walks in, portraying himself as a prayer warrior and savior.
What went on after that was,after their completion of finalizing the plot to K-ill Sam Mathew,the husband,this lady,the wife[Reni] poisoned her husband in the food,while he [Sam] was lying unconscious,Reni called up Sunny,when Sunny came he beat Sam on the back of his head with a wood-stick,locked Reni and children in a room, as per plan and left.Judgement Day
a. s. mathew (December 26, 2011)
BABU, KSA: So sorry to read that he
was your relative. So many Swamis are
in jail who made crores of Rs. through playing religion and fooling people.
The same spirit of fooling through different tricks have influenced the
minds of many so called Christians
Ministers. We must be veary careful and
cautious with any stranger acting like
divinely appointed miracle workers, so that we need not have to regret later
babu, ksa (December 26, 2011)
Sam Mathew was my relative and I am very much aggrieved by the sad and untimely *** at the hands of his wife and her lover. Proper enquiries should be instituted before admitting any new members or leaders in to any congregation. The tricks played by Sunny/Reni are quite rampant in North India as well. When someone in the South India has lost credibility and acceptance in their own place, they find pastures in North India and vice versa by taking the innocent believers and sincere pastors for a ride for some time. However, as apostle Paul said, their sins will come into limelight in due course of time 1 Timothy 5:24,25. Beware, beware, beware and make others aware of the dangers hidden behind such disguises. Matthew 7:15-16 Philippians 3:2. Unless one has the guts to say NO to such evildoers these wolves in sheep's disguise will have dominion in every church. Please read Jude 3 & 4. Thanks and God bless you.
a. s. mathew (December 25, 2011)
brother thomas vemmelil: you spoke it very clearly. we know the tree and the true prophets by the fruit they bear. how many believers have the "spirit of discernment"? they are simply forced to believe a bunch of modern day false prophets. some false prophets will give positive statements which won't do any harm in the long run, but the other group of false prophets are specialists in giving negative prophecies; which can lead the gullible believers into greater pain and terrible end. we all must be very careful with these battalions of prophets roaming around to mislead people. it seems, the leading speciality of the ministers are now in "prophecy". one day i heard a visiting preacher," i wish if i had the gift of prophecy which was more profitable". indeed, he was telling the truth.
joy chembakasseril, usa. (December 25, 2011)
refer bible-mathew ch7 v15&16- do not listen to eloquent speeches or enticing words,but rather wait and see the fruits produced! i know the whole story of this incident! the deceased person 'mr sam mathew' should not have allowed this person sunny mathew, whom he hardly knew, to live in his house. 'evan-- 'sunny mathew 'naattil thenddi thirinju nadannavanaa' allaathe 'icpf'-um 'crpf'-um onnum- allaa-- aathokkea veaashom keattaayirunnu. mr sam mathew the deceased person didn't had the wisdom to understand that! remember that i mentioned in my previous comments--- audience should exercise the diligence to ascertain what is being heard,rather than accepting whatever that comes their way. 'kalla prravaachakanmaareea sooshikkuka' americayil prravachanam parayan indiayil ninnu visa edutthu varunnavarundeeu! ofcourse,god will ordain some with a gift of prophecy,but to come from india for the purpose of same is strange to me,i don't trust them!
thomas vemmelil (December 24, 2011)
Contd...Transgression, repentance and forgiveness, the result of these three together constitutes Solomon. We all are born transgressors but washed by the Blood of the Lamb and have become the Temple builders.
thomas vemmelil (December 24, 2011)
Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves.” As we are taking the constricted way, we must discern who the false prophets are. This means that on the constricted way we must be alert for any kind of falsehood. The Lord said regarding the false prophets, “By their fruits you shall know them” .We know a prophet not by his talk, preaching, or work, but by his fruit. All Christians today are accustomed to being influenced by people’s talk. An eloquent speaker with enticing words is able to seduce many. Do not listen to eloquent speech or to enticing words. Rather, wait and see what kind of fruit is produced. This is the way to discern whether a prophet is true or false. Who knows the killer has repented to God of his transgression! Our merciful Father must have forgiven and forgoften his sin. David was an adulterer and a killer. Solomon was David's illegitimate son yet through him God was pleased to build a Temple for Him.
a. s. mathew (December 24, 2011)
in mathew 6, jesus very firmly warned the followers about the danger and lost blessings of giving any charity openly, also about the fasting placard. some of the people who got small help from me used to call me " uncle, we are going to fast for 40 days and pray for you", prayed but nothing happened. when the donations were stopped, no calls came. that caused me great surprise and big question. in verse 16, we read " moreover, when you fast, do not be like the hyprocrites, with a sad counteance. for they disfigure their faces that they may to men to be fasting. assuredly, i say to you, they have their reward". some fasting specialists who are fasting 40 days every two months avoid rice and chapathi, but shift to another diet of high protean liquid diet and plenty of nuts....but in 40 days fasting. they proclaim about the fasting days before everywhere at the notice board. believers, beware of such wonderful people! they will find the killers very easily.
phillip parakkattil, ktm. (December 23, 2011)
contd - 1 : "evan naattil jhooli onnum eellaaathea thennddi thirinjhu nadannaavanaa" - - aenghaneyoo bible pidicchoo naaluu vaachakam parayaan padiccho- kallavanddhi kayari indoril vannu, oru malayalee familiyeea kandupidicchu. aaddhu sam mathew vinntteea kassttakaalom aayyi maari ! indoril veereea aampileearr ellaanghittu, evaneeyokkea, ee kalla oopadeeshiyea okkea, kaccha kaccha ennue ariyannttea case aaannu ! madraslea makaneea opposable anuthapicchu vannal, sabha kayyi kollukayallaathe veereea maarrgom splash, thalli kalayaan bibllil vyvassthhaayilla !!!
phillip parakkaattil, ktm. (December 23, 2011)
always watch for false prophets ! the deceased person the husband of the lady didn't had the wisdom to forsee things, as i understand. why would he has to allow a man whom he has no prior knowledge about who he was to stay in his house when he is not there ? mr sam mathew's real-estate business in indore was not doing well at that time and that coupled-up with some bad lucks, that family was facing a financial crisis. sam and reno were having differences too and there were ocassional physical fights too between husband and wife. now here comes a savior, a savior who is going to fast and pray for them, until things get better, mr sunny mathew, who came from kerala is now sitting on a fasting-prayer--- and that too mr sam mathew has allowed him to stay in his house and pray for them, (a man who is little known to him). may be reno his enstranged wife may have a role in convincing him, to let him stay in the house and pray.--- " evan naattil --- contd - 1
a. s. mathew (December 23, 2011)
Fasting giants and professional prophets couldn't identify the killers in the Church! But these great ministers might have travelled many times overseas and gave great prophecies about the believer's furture and made big money. Let us go back to what Jesus said " Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You know them by their fruits". Mathew 7:15-16.
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