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Publish Date: Mar 19, 2011
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Will there be a leadership change for Church of God (COG) Kerala State.
Will there be a leadership change for Church of God (COG) Kerala State
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cog@uk (April 27, 2012)
IPCyil kasera kondu thallu and chaayapaathrathil ballot, Church of god-l vamshavali cherkkal oppam oomakathukal, Agyil thammill kalleru, shaaronil kaale pidichu nilathidum....ethaaa bhedam...onnumilllaa
cog tradition (April 27, 2012)
There is a long tradition in COG. Starting with Cook Sayippu many of the pastors and leaders who have worked faithfully and sacrificially were always ignored and never appreciated and thrown out of COG. However, somehow all the crooks, back biters, legalistic, pharisees, master liars, looters, blade mafia, gundas, fake writers and fake holiness group(this group always writes about vishudhi, verpadu, biblical& 1st century church, corruption, immorality etc etc) and then behind the scenes they are busy writing oomma kathu, kuthu prasangam, gathering and assembling people against pastors, verbally and emotionally abusing pastors and believers, making and treating pastors like a servant, never spending money, time or effort for the church, but always on the criticizing mode acting as Gods right hand and fully holy, when they are devils tools. They have strong words to fool poor believers from any pulpit. I can boldly write their names of BJ will publish my comment.
cog@uk (April 26, 2012)
church of god-l itty sirne irakkaan kc john kalichuu.... avasanam kcye irakkan kunjappy sir kalichhu...ipppom kunjappy sirne irakkan james sir kalichuuu... ithaanu raashtriyam...pakshe onnorthoo....

vithakkunnathu avanavan thanne koyyum
cog@uk (April 26, 2012)
church of godum, IPCyum ,AGyum ellaam kanakkkaa....
msv-dallas (January 23, 2012)
pastor kunjappy is acting like k. karunakaran and he wants to control the whole church od god kerala state, but it not going work out pr. kunajppy
over-smart (July 14, 2011)
thammil bhedam thommanaaa. although pas kunjappy is not an accredited and blameless leader; there does not seem to be a better alternative as all the so-called alternative leaders being discussed/suggested in this forum r nothing but frauds & 'murimookkan raajakkanmaar'. the basic principles in the appointment of the os should be that apostle paul set forth in the epistles of titus and timothy. let there be a panel prepared out the best from the available in terms of ability, spirituality, leadership quality and above all blameless of any kind of scandals. opinion of each local congregation should be sought through sincere secret ballot or open ballot in deriving the panel. further screening and test should be done to arrive at the best choice. it is also not a bad idea to give a probation period of few months for the os to prove his qualities to become the confirmed overseer. if he does not perform well in accordance with the set principles, he should be avoided. thank you. :)
chummado (June 5, 2011)
This platform is full of chumma do.... Why> Because it is so cheap

ak 47 (April 22, 2011)
@Pastor. Kunjappyum councillum maariyillel namuku Mulakuzha LIBIYA aakam.
pastor (April 21, 2011)
arenkilum ee kunjappiyeyum, aanum pennum ketta councileneyum onnu maattitharamo? God will bless those who do it. Ee varshatthe sthalamattatthil ethrayo deivadasanmareya overseerum councilum chernnu kanneer kuduppikkunnath!!
pastor (April 15, 2011)
pastor shaji, can u tell any spiritual activities he do without the intention of making money?. Dont be cheap by supporting such a person.
pastor shaji (April 14, 2011)
Pr. TK could you tell any unspiritual acivities with evidence. Dont make cheap statements like these about our leader
-9 (April 14, 2011)
present overseer is the most unspiritual of all.He will do anything to hang on the post.As long as he is on the post no hope for cog pastors and poor believers
rajnikant (April 13, 2011)
Well spoken pastor j k. The man has thick skin. He will not step down, and he trying his best to keep his clout as being Overseer. I am remindes of some of the famous quotes:
"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely"

"Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it"

pastor j k (April 13, 2011)
After Pr. Kunjappy came to power lot of unspiritual person both brothers and pastors became leaders of defferent departments and council memebers. The only qualification they have is money.
a believer (April 12, 2011)
cog pastor,regarding pr. p.r baby , he was a pastor standing strictly for the pure pentecostal doctrines till he was influenced by sr. angelica. cog accepting pr. p.r baby means the visions and teachings of sr. angelica is accepted by c o g. we require a clarity in this subject from the leadership. we must have a clear vision in what we believe.the unity in faith stands on the written word of god spread all over the world.if new visions and teachings not parallel to the scripture is accepted here and there, will there be any unity in faith?
pastor t (April 12, 2011)
there is some people in the leadership they are useless such as, thomas pulivelil, vinod jacobe, a t joseph, they paid lots of money to pastor to win the last council election. people like t a george who has no testimony need to be avoided from all the leadership roles. same goes to c p varghese, abraham philipose (who had the guts to stand on the stage and telling all the world the current overseer is not educated), abraham m thomas (who is a weel polition) cg samkutty, who is using church for the business purpose. this need to be stopped and they need to be baptized again (may be hold under the water for 5 minutes).
pastor z (April 12, 2011)
so far i don’t understand why some of the people in the forum scared of an election from all the pastors. i seen so many commands trying to support the current overseer and trying to put down other people. please know that all these people are good and may be capable of running the show. we only asking let the general body of the pastors elect the overseer. i don’t know which part of this you don’t understand.
cog pastor (April 12, 2011)
Pastor y and Z why we worry about Pjj or pcc or kcj or pav or vci, We just challenge you to do the overseer election must be democratic. At least all pastors must have right for vote to elect overseer. Then a good person can be elected. Becz most of the cgi pastors are spiritual. The spiritual person can never be an council member at present situation.

We onnly saying dont do elect from the so called Council members who are useless and machaens
pastor y (April 12, 2011)
A pastor says that all council members are politicians. TheNo.1 Politician in COG is P.J. J
pr. rajive (April 12, 2011)
Pr. P. J. J never published the expence of Bible college building. But Pr. Kunjappy published allincomes and expences of church of God. former overseers never did this. I am sure that 90% of pastors are with Pr. Kunjappy.
cog pastor (April 12, 2011)
pastor agree with your comment but i think you are absolutely wrong about the council secretary. i don’t believe he is spiritual at all, if you look back the friction. any way my point is that, if you preach about wearing ornaments are wrong, you should not attend pr. p r baby’s church and not only attend dont serve communion in his church. the present overseer does that. also pr. p r baby is a new generation faith believer. he and all who support this need to be removed from the church.
pastor x (April 12, 2011)
hai pastor, what u said is absolutely right. We need to fight for the rigt for vote to elect an overseer. Counsil members are useless.
pastor (April 12, 2011)
all of the present counsil members are politicians except counsil secretary. If they get position, good churches etc. they will permit anybody to be an overseer, even devil. So the overseer election must be democratic. At least all pastors must have right for vot to elect overseer. Then a good person can be elected. Becz most of the cgi pastors are spiritual. The spiritual person can never be an counsil member at present situation.
rajanikant (April 11, 2011)
I am just amazed at the kind of appreciation that you have showered upon Pr Kunjappy. He must have influenced the brains of lot of folks in the forum. Maybe a kickback/bribe etc to write some goody words here.
My opinion is he is tarnishing the name of COG. He need to step down immediately and the council should find someone who is fair and just. Why ask the corrupt to run the show? And by the way what does he know other than beg for money? And how many trips has be made to Foreign countries in his tenure as Overseer?
joseph (April 3, 2011)
It seems to have become quite characteristic of Kerala Pentecostal preachers and even writers to make hyperbolic statements. For instance, Dr. Jaison Thomas, in his article appeared in Believers Journal (March 2011, Vol. 04, Issue: 05) has called Dr. Roger Hedlund a world famous missiologists. I find it a bit of an exaggeration to call Dr. Hedlund as such. This is not, in any way, to undermine the significant contribution of Dr. Hedlund to missiology. He is certainly one of the important missiologists in India. But it doesn’t mean that he could be ranked among the world renowned missiologists like Gustav Warneck, Lesslie Newbigin, David Bosch, Johannes Verkuyl, Andrew Walls, and others. These are very distinguished missiologists who have exerted great influence on missiological thought worldwide. Despite his significance as a missiologist, Dr. Hedlund cannot be called world famous. Pentecostal writers need to be more objective in their writings and analysis.
annonymous (April 3, 2011)
i recommend t s balan perumbavoor. kurachu nannakum
dr. theyilakadan,@agood child of god (April 2, 2011)
What you said is absolutely correct. Now a days among pentacostal I found everybody is interested in pointing fingerss on others specialyy real child of God.. Nobody is there to say a good word about faithful leaders like Rev. M. Kunjappy. Satan is favouring to those who are saying bad about Gods servants. CGI need leaders like Rev. Kunjappy.God is Good.He will protect His Servants.
a child of god (April 1, 2011)
i know rev. m kunjappy personally and he is a holy man. nobody has mentioned any immoral thing against him. we give priority to "holiness", when we look for leadership. he may be rich. there are many rich church leaders. he is no where near to some of the ipc leaders. why people focus on him only? is it because he came up with so many good projects? he is doing great things for cgi. let him be the leader as long as god has plan about him. also cgi has many good, morally sound leaders. please don't ask to show some leaders and all. almost all indians especially keralites are good leaders (at least they think so). so please avoid making unwanted comments about church of god leadership. please, please, please.. god bless you all.
best believer (April 1, 2011)
Mathai Doctor, Your desire is too much. You want a promotion from Sunday school "professor" to State Overseer. You need to go step by step. Also if you have too much money, spend for some good cause. How you became rich? We want to learn the magic from you.
dr mathai@dr korah (April 1, 2011)
i agree idont have the qualification you mentioned. i tried some other churches. their presidents qualification (which i dont want to say here) also i dont have. overseer and predident position need some special qualificatin but i am not fit for these positions. i will try elsewhere . i want to spend some of my money for good things.i will think and let you know.
sibi (April 1, 2011)
1. Vandi kachavadam 2. Visa kachavadam( vishudhanadu yathra) 3. paresha ellatha degree( eg: Dr(chummathe) john. 4. Real estate business 4. Gundaisam 5. Own blade company 6. bible college business( no fees) forign money avilabe here 7. anadha shala( childrens only) eppo police raide ullathu kondu chance valre kuracnja business director, manging director,exicuitive director, film director...ethayalum director venam. 9.comedy parayaan kurchu enkilum arijirikanam because bibile karayanagl paranjaal alukalkku eppo bore adikumennu...
rev. dr. korah (March 31, 2011)
@dr.Mathai. I think you are not qualified because: The overseer qualifications are below
1. Vandi kachavadam
2. Visa kachavadam
3. Real estate business
4. Gundaisam
5. Own blade company
Do you have any of these qualifications...?
strong believer (March 31, 2011)
Dear Mathai doctor, Are you a real doctor? Then why can't you practice some good things for poor people. Please don't get involved in cheap politics. You have a bright future. Don't waste your life and money with "Chumma" doctors. God bless you.
dr. mathai (March 31, 2011)
dr ponnappan you ask my quqlification. i have 2 doctorate(phd). both i paid lot of money.i have sslc from from madrass. i worked as church secrectary and sunday school lecture.lot of money to spend. i know how to supervice work.what type of doctor you are.after i got dr. i stop work and now self company. a laundry and floor technician company.
old believer (March 31, 2011)
after reading all the comments, i am confused. who is more corrupted, ipc leaders or cg leaders?
dr mathai (March 31, 2011)
Dr.tom Thank you for your support. Maximum 5 lakhs RS. I can spend. If they demand more I will look other places.
dr.ponnappan (March 31, 2011)
Mathai what is your Qualification ?
dr.ponnappan (March 31, 2011)
Theyilakkada Very Good Comment
reney varkey usa (March 30, 2011)
I know Rev. Kunjappy. He is very capable. If he is not good in English let his son Shibu be assistant overseer. He is very good in administration and english.No need to look an outsider. That way everybody will be happy and bj s opinion abot his change will be solved.
dr. tom theyilakadan (March 30, 2011)
dr. mathai i support you. i am going to kerala next week. i will discuss your case with cgi present leaders. i am also visiting ipc kumbanadu. i will try for you. this not for money.but i heard you have lot of education and experience. if you are willing i will bargain with both the leader and offer a vey good amount for a position. if i fail dont blaim me. wish you all the best.
antappan, kumali (March 30, 2011)
This is regarding Mathai, usa's question to nallavan about which state. My guess is that it's a state that starts with the letter K and ends with the letter A and not Kerala.
kunjachan (March 29, 2011)
People are proud of their Church organization and claim 'our church' is the biggest and holy.But scripture says there is only one church , the body of Christ and the only leader is Jesus Christ. All church organization in the world can have only one role, the role of a training camp.Those who are trained strictly according to the only syllabus (The written Word of God) will be accommodated in the real Church. Try for that than being proud of the size of organization and its leader which is immaterial to achieve the real goal( Eternity with Jesus). Competition in and between the organizations-claiming those of born again, baptized- defends people from salvation and they feel shelter in the worldly denominational churches in which they are born.Real believer , please be serious about the situation.
mathai,usa (March 29, 2011)

the comments about 4 hrs. before is not me. somebody is using my name.

actually i tried to get a possition in ipc for vice president possition. but somebody paid more than me. i lost the chance. that is why i am trying in cgi. dont discourage me. i was a cgi member but now i am ready to come bak if you support me. this is the best chance. pl. everybody support me.i am well qualified. thanks
christian (March 29, 2011)
our common enemy should be "devil". not cg/ipc/ag or any other people. i feel we are trying to extract evil from others. please stop this. i can see the number of real believers are decreasing though our membership is increasing. ipc claim they are the "biggest" church, cg claim thay are a big international organization. ulimately who cares. once we die all these organizations are not important. try to lead holy/righteous life before god. that is what god looks into.
mathai,usa (March 29, 2011)
nallavan, who is the guy became the president and of which state. Please me know I will contact him.
velayudhan (March 29, 2011)
believer, you said (@overseer: you said that cgi has lot of leaders. kollaavunna orutthante peru parayamo? vellu vilikkunnu). can you name some of the "kollaavunna" ipc/any other denomination leaders? then i will look into their leadership "skills" and decide whom i should mention. we have lot of them and i want to standardize and see what you are looking for.
nallavan (March 29, 2011)
Dear Mathai usa, Good that you are ready to pay all your money. You should become overseer. We will support. But it is much easier to become ipc president with your "qualifications". I know a normal guy from usa, became ipc State president by paying few lakhs of rupees every month surpassing the ~30 years vice-president. Also many becoming central pastors in India residing in US. You have a better chance there. Otherwise you are wasting your time in cgi.
mathai,usa (March 29, 2011)
why nobody is responding my willingness to work for cgi as overseer. i can pay to those who are supporting me. i need only possition. i have enough money. i am willilng to pay anybody supports me.any meedia helps me i can pay good amount for that.each cgi pastor i will pay 1000.00 rs monthly if you support me.i can work only 2 years.then somebody can takeover.
a cog believer (March 29, 2011)
Anyway you guys will not get any chance to choose cog overseer."Jesus turning unto them said Daughters of jerusalem, weep not for me , but weep for yourselves and your children."So weep for the denominations where you are, especially ipc cry for your president. We have enough god fearing, spirit filled and with one wife servants of god. Don't worry about COG. Mind your business.
mathai, u.s.a (March 29, 2011)
if there is no body to replace rev. kunjappy, why cant get somebody from usa. i am well qualified. having 2 doctorate and good background. very good administrator. if people respond with support for me, then i will contact world mission. i have cgi background.especting response from india and usa.if you support then i am ready. salary not a problem. i have enough money.i can alone build the projects goingon in mulakuzha.
antappan, kumali (March 29, 2011)
Who elected the current council? How did they get elected? Was there any power play involved in the election process?
roy (March 28, 2011)
@cog: pr. eapen cheriyan is not good leader. velatharangalude aasana. oru chotta nethavakan kollam. i hav heard that benison mathai is good in pastoring. overseer aakkano? enkil keralathil venda. swontham regionil aayikkollatte... joe kurian can not adapt kerala culture. so no need. we need our own leader. p j j is good, but how far it is possible? nw i think, overseer aarayalum saramilla, counsil aatmikarum, prayavum, pakwathayum ullavarum aayirikkanam. allathe, ippzhatthe pole andanem adakodanem, machanmareyum onnum counselil kayattaruth. oru nalla bodhavalkkaranam pastorsinte idayil nadathanam. b j polulla madhyama pravarthakarkke ee oru bodhavalkkaranam nadathan kahiyu. allathe aarum ithinu initiative edukkilla.
cog (March 28, 2011)
hi roy, oru prasnam baakkiilla. we have good leaders, on any councile election there is some people never approch any one and asking for vote. pr. eappen cherian, pr. p j james or you have some capable leders like pr. joe kurian, pr. benison mathai.
but you are bsalutely right about pr. j joseph, pr. a t joseph, pr. thomas m pulivelil, pr.y reji, pr. shibu k mathew.also i dont think we want family own business. shibu, vinod, jose baby, kujummaen, g alex all are machaens
roy (March 28, 2011)
cog paranjathu sariya. We need to follow minutes of genaral assembly. Ennalum oru prasnam baakki. Cog yile ministers pakuthiyilereyum vivaram kettavara. Allayirunnenkil j joseph, a t joseph, thomas m pulivelil, y reji, shibu thudangiya yaathoru pakwathayum illaatthavare counselil jeyippikkumo? 500 rupayum, velukke chiriyum, tholiveluppum kandal pisachinu polum vote kodukkunnavara mikka cgi pastors. Avarekkonda overseerine therenjedukkunnath? Nalla buddhi.
believer (March 28, 2011)
@overseer: you said that cgi has lot of leaders. Kollaavunna orutthante peru parayamo? Vellu vilikkunnu.
itty, pattikadu (March 28, 2011)
i vote dr.kora
cog (March 28, 2011)
dr.tom teyilakkadan why do we have to borrow somebody from --- to train cog leader ship to do adultery or steeling.

i believe we have number of good people who has leadership quality. the only thing we need to follow the minutes of the international assembly. he must receive a minimum of a two-thirds majority of the vote of the exoter/licence/ordained ministers in his state. if pr. kunjappy gets that let him lead the church, if pr p j james / eappen cherian / m o elias / joe kurian / bennision mathai or someone else, (hope not pr. p g mathews, he sleeps on the stage which is bad for us).
so let us pray for the church of god council and leadership to get a vision for to call an election and ask the ministers to vote on.
0verseer (March 28, 2011)
Hello Dr.Tom
we have lots of leaders like ipc, even more than that. We r thinking for leadership channge becoz we dont like to see our leaders follow the ipc spirituality. We need change for a better splty
dr.tom teyilakkadan (March 27, 2011)
by reading all the above comments, my suggestion is- as cgi has no able leaders to succeed rev. kunjappy, why cant we borrow somebody from ipc for minimum two years. they have very good reputed leaders.they can train cgi people to leadership.we pay good salary as well as good bungalow to live in mulakuzha.this way we can solve cgi leadership shortage and bj can be happy too.

tom teyilakadan md
sriman mathanga (March 27, 2011)
enthinade oru overseer...kunjappy vannalum aaru vallum kerala cgi enna racist organization nannavan pokunnilla. i recomend mr. thankachan c to the overseer post.
a.s.mathew (March 27, 2011)
I am writing this comment with certain reservations. I know many of the Kerala Pentecostal leaders, but none oft hem personally as close friends. There was friction among the disciples; who is going to be the leader. The Naxalite brand Peter (he formerly belonged to the radical Zealot group) was laying the strategic foundation to be the absolute leader of the disciples. But, Jesus showed an example of " washing their feet " as the ideal and spiritual route to reach the zenith of leadership. Now, leaderships are attained through body size, degrees (some of them are worthless) family status and wealth etc. Nobody wants to be a disciple, but aiming at the head post.
kunjachan (March 27, 2011)
An open discussion like this will surely help to reveal the direction of the Holy Spirit.
samuel kuwait (March 27, 2011)
the fact is church of god mulakuzha does not have a good leader. few spiritual pastors are there in cog, but they don't come front of leadership. p j james is a cool guy.
a pastor (March 27, 2011)
there is only one alternative for pr. Kunjappy- his secretary john p. Ninan!!!
kunjumon (March 27, 2011)
i dont comment wether pr. Kunjappy is good spiritual leader. But i am sure that pr. kunjappy will continue in overseer post. Becz he has the capacity to influence the present counsil. If all pastors has riight to select an overseer, pr knjappy will be out. Becaue majority of pastors are not satisfied with his leadership.
babu (March 27, 2011)
hey ithu cgi yodulla sneham kondu ezhuthiyathano 4 masam munpu rev.kunjappykkum yugandya sandeshathinum ethirayirunnallo. swontham kannile kole eduthittu cgi yile karade eduthal mathi mone.
sarah, dallas. (March 26, 2011)
the problem chrch of god is facing now is that the lack of leadrs with spiritual,doctrinal and leadrship qualties. mentoring leaders was not the polic of the forner leaders. somebodi suggedted that k m t or raj thomas ma be imprted but i wold like what qualification the have. al are equal in church of god. p j james is some what bette candidate having spiritual qualities. but i am not sure about his leadership skill and administative capabiti.
cgi pastor (March 26, 2011)
fijo, ur statement is a best joke in cgi in 2011. u hav seen only pr kunjappy? are u really a member of cgi. there are many able pastors in cgi to lead the organization. pr. p c cheriyan, j joseph, p g mathew, thomas m pulivelil, a t joseph, shibu k mathew, y reji etc. are best example. pr. p j james can be an overseer, but he doesnt like to play politics to be an overseer, arelum pidichakkanam. athu nadakkumennu thonnunnilla. pnne ivarekkal ellam yogynaya oral usa yil und. pr. c c thomas. caliber ulla ithrayum per ullappol cgi anathamakumennu aarum vyamohikkanda. fijo arivillayma kond paranjatha.
fijo (March 26, 2011)
yes ipc beleiver i think it is my duty to pray for my church. we need anoited servents of god to lead our churches. sorry to say there is no better alternative in church of god. ipc's condition is verser than cog i am very sure. tell me who is the best alternative for pr> kunjappy
ipc believer (March 25, 2011)
Fijo you are saying there is no capable leaders in Church of God. Brother pray for Kunjappys long life, if something happen to him like Itty, Church of God anadam aye pokum.
fijo (March 25, 2011)
I support Pr. Kunjappy becoz we have no alternative now in cog keralastate
rs, a believer (March 25, 2011)
nishkalankanaya oru pastor, neethiyode kaaryangal nadatthunna oru leader- inganayulla oru deivadasane enthina ellarum koode ingane apamanikkunnath? Addehathe deivam aa sthanath kondu vannu, thudaruvan deivahithamenkil athu sambhavikkum. Athil aarum paribhavichitt kaaryamilla.
chandy, usa (March 25, 2011)
bj and its supporters are bent upon bringing cgi in to the market place and to disgrace it. dear brothers in bj, we the cgi people are matured enough to look after our household. if we cannot, we will invite u. why don't u mind ur church's business. it is not in order. office seals are missing!! and secretaries and presidents are in court. your denominational people are masters of the art called "kalakkavellathil meen pidikkuka".you and ur sister publications will be overwhelmed with joy if something goes wrong with cgi. on the contrary, i remember having observed as a teen ager, the cgi leaders tried their level best to pacify and unite the factions (kumbanadu,kottayam,pathanapuram,hebron & elim)during ur bad days back in u think the so called appostles and freedom fighters have set good example for the generations to follow.kindly take survey of ur church members whether they are happy with their president and other leaders whom they have elected. leave us alone.
joe christen, chennai, tn (March 24, 2011)
@ Abraham Thomas: "shibu and Shaji" are close names you know, anybody with some sense would easily understand that I might have made a mistake on that! But right now, 'what you trying to do is', you are trying to "distort_facts" like a clever politician, who look into the eyes and lie at the people!!!!!
minutes of the international assembly (March 24, 2011)
Minutes of the International Assembly - Church Order and Governance -Page-97 The State overseers term of the office shall be for two years, terminating the Sunday following the close of the International General Assembly. He shall be eligible to succeed himself for an additional term in the same State. Any additional terms in the same state beyond the two terms (four years) must meet the following criteria: 1. He must receive a minimum of a two-thirds majority of the vote of the ministers in his state or region 2. The success of his administration must merit said consideration for an additional term in the same state 3. The International Executive Committee must believe his reappointment to be in the best interest of the State.
abey riyadh (March 24, 2011)
i do not understand the meaning of the comments about jj by 'acho'. can you please comment, jj ? or anyone who got the point?
joe christen (March 24, 2011)
you are write apologetics council, pastor kunjappy didn't build any building yet. he is racing money and start building called office complan. her is the story, one building that is with a conference hall is not build by pr. kunjappy. it is built by bible college. another build just inaugurated was built by ywea for bible college. pr. kujappy was not even aware of this approval the funding and who did work to get this building approved. for the approval the submitted plan was totally different and approved fund was about 60+lakah rs. if you would properly build the building you could have been build two of the same building. check with k c john. so once the office complan is finish this will be the first building is finished by pr. kunjappy
abraham thomas (March 24, 2011)
mr. joe, i never knew that pastor kunjappy had a son named shaji. can you please provide his details to believers journal. i know he has a son shibu. please stop creating allegation about a pastor. if he has a son named shaji please bring more details.
mr. joe, hahahahaha, i cannot stop laughing if you don't know don't talk well you don't even know his sons name no wonder; pastor kujappy is not from a wealthy family. not even a medium wealthy. go find out from valakam hahahahaha good luck brother.
shiju (March 24, 2011)
Every thing for the Glory of God...
christy varghese, thiruvalla, india. (March 23, 2011)
@ Apologetics Council: Vishhuddha veedha pusthakam parayunnu, " avanavan shareerathil erikkumbol cheyithathinnu thakkavannom prathibalom prapikkeeandhathinnu njayaasanatthinteea munpil nillkkeandha thakunnu "! 'kayyikkooleeyum'_ ethil pedum! 'Veezhaambhal pakshi' vellathhinayyi daahikkunnu,_ 'bahalakkarr' munnkoorr- jhamyatthinaayyi "_________"?????? Fill up the BLANK please !
apologetics council (March 23, 2011)
Itratholam uyarthiya deyvathunu Mahathwam. He is Church of God State South Zone Secretary, State board EXCUTIVE member, Adoor North District Trashar, Enath Church Secretary. Don't Believers Journal think you need to write about this people too who try to do business using Gospel. Christy can you please find How much he pay to Kunjappy to get all this position. He will be another Mattathukala
joe christen, chennai, tn (March 23, 2011)
@ Apologetics Council: There is a proverb in malayalam- "Vellutthachhi enthu cheyithaalum kuttam, karutthachhi cheyyunnathu aarum sradhikkareeyilla" ethaannu evidee nadakkunnathee_ Pastor Kunjappy is from a wealthy background, so that creates a suspicion among the so called unfortunate brother's_ that he is using his money for his advantage_ this is the truth!How many do we know came to full time gospel work with their own money!In most cases the fact is otherwise, then the preaching, its God's Blessing!My opinion is that nobody has the right to see Pastor Kunjappy's or his son Shaji's bank statement, those are their private money!Anyone asking to see anybody else's private money should be ashamed of themselves!The Personal wealth/money needs no accountability to the public as it is a private affair, while the same that belongs to a Church or Organization is a public affair and thereby needs accountability!!!!!!
thomas varghese dallas (March 23, 2011)
Bro. Benny Varghese, ningal athu lokatha jeevikunnathu. 1 thothy 4:6 vaiechittillayo. Penthacosth lokathil aarkum anthu cheyammanano thaankalute abhipraayam. You are absalutily worng.thiricharinju prathikarikunnathil yaathoru thettumilla.
apologetics council (March 23, 2011)
Christy, You mention that he is also publishing every dollar/money that he collects in the magazine, Can you please ask Pastor Kujappy to publish the Church of God Bank statement, his bank statement and his Son Shibus’ bank statement. Also Please ask him to include year 1990, 1995, 2000, 2005 and 2010. Please kindly do this, this will help us to make a decision.
christy varghese, thiruvalla, india. (March 23, 2011)
@roy: i read you and with due respect i dispute you with utmost dismay.i couldn't not but had to dispense your statement with total disregard to my mental waste-box.roy,you have to dislodge and disown your point of imagination from an angle of negativity to malayalam- "nanmaye kanaannulla nanmayenghilum nammalil oondaakanam".don't you see pastor kunjappy, running around allover the globe and taking the hazel of asking people money for the church,do you think it as an easy thing to do? don't you appreciate that?he is also publishing every dollar/money that he collects in the magazine,there is accountability too!roy_please don't let anybody spoil you!criticism is needed, but it should be asked me a question_ do i belong to 'lavodikya sabha' and the answer is_ 'no'.roy-- ninghal ezhuthi vachirikkunnathu vaayichaal manassilakunnathu_ pastor kunjappy,aathmikanaanoo, pannam koduthu sthaanam vaanghi_ennokkeyalle? isn't that a nonsense you wrote ?
roy (March 23, 2011)
@ christy: u need to have a detail study abt church and anointment. He is a leader for the organisation, not the anointed leader for the church. Anointment kondano panam kondano pulli overseer aayathennu naattukaarkk ellaam nannaayi ariyam. Aarkkum oru doubt illa. Keto. Panam ullavar ellavarum anathmikaranu ennarum parayilla, ennal perum perumayum positionum kittan panam kodukkunnavar aathmikaraano? Oru reply kittiyaal kollaam. Thankal levodikya sabhayile member aano?
christy varghese, thiruvalla,india., (March 22, 2011)
@ roy: Parrunthintteyum, passuvintteyum kadhayonnum evide parnjittu kariyamilla ! Pastor Kunjappy is a anointed leader for the Church and there is no doubt about it, please make note of it. He is trying to be more practical for the goodness and well being of the church. Kariyanghal nadakkanamenghil kayyil nnallu puthen ullavarum kodukkan manssullavarum veenom-- mannassilaayoo. onnum kodukkatthvarannu ee bhahalam vakkunnathu !Having money or being rich doesn't mean they are all scrupulous people ! Onnum kodukkathvarannu Daivatheyum kallipikkunna kallanmaar ! So there is nothing wrong with Church of God right now, What you can do right now is that you can atleast pray for Church of God and for Pastor Kunjappy and everybody else rather than instructing everybody else to do the same ! God Bless You !
cct (March 22, 2011)
I agree with Shibu, pr.Shaji and ptt please read the below article and comment Page 1 - Page 5
jacob (March 22, 2011)
hello benny brother. Your statement are absolutely wrong. There are many who refuse power and position. Anganeyullavare kaanaan oru kannu venam. Eppozhum mukalilott nokkathe vallappozhum thaazhott nokkanam. Enkile anganullavare kaanaan kazhiyu.
shibu (March 22, 2011)
I request to Believers Journal to read the below pages and make your comments accroding to that Page 5 Page 5 -----Kalukadi Page 05 - Dr. Kora number 5 Page 7 Page 1 Dr. Kora number 3, 4 Dr. Kora number 7 Dr. Kora number 4 - Page 01 - Kalukadi Page 05 - Kalukadi Page 05 - Page 07 Dr. Kora number 4
benny varghese (March 22, 2011)
hello...go and pray to god, "ningalil papamillathavar evale kalleriyatte..." cant jugde anybody... you should prove yourself as follower of christ... there is no king or kingdom other than jesus.. give the selection and election to his hand, he will choose the currect candidate... all human being are after power and positions.
roy (March 22, 2011)
There is strngth and weakness in any leaders. There is some goodness in pr. kunjappy and evilness too. His main focus is to make some buildings. So he try to get money. For that he please all rich people and automatically he is controlled by the rich. Whatever they say he will do. The outcome is that the church of god will be in the hands of a few money makers and buisness people. Then church of god will be kallanmarude guha. Dont think that there is no able leaders in church of god. There are educated, spiritual, capable pastors in church of god. But othukkum. But one thing is sure, whoever become overseer, there will not be spiritual growth in church of god. Allayenkil panatthinu meethe parakkan kazhivulla parunth church of godil valarnnu varanam. So all church of god members must earnestly pray for such a anointed leader. Pr. Kunjappy must be replaced by such parunth.
achan (March 21, 2011)
This JJ is nothing but nine without tail. He is ungrateful to even his closest and oldest friends. It will be the end of CoG if he is elected to any sr. position. Ask him if he knows the meaning of 'acho, acho'..It is a code word to bridle him.
abe, riyadh (March 21, 2011)
I fully endorse the views of Dr. Thomas.
thomas (March 21, 2011)
I think you all should focus more on Evangelizing than this kind of unwanted subjects. I see a trend of bringing up some Church of God irrelavent issues in your recent issues. Is CoG the only church with issues? Journalism is different from this. Are you willing to do this type of "comments" for other organizations also? We are living in the last seconds before the return of Jesus Christ. Please be an instrument to lead others to Christ than distract people from it. God bless you.
pjt (March 21, 2011)
jj shud change his name to justus jseph. pcc is another self-proclaimed chanakyan and is not worthy to become os. i know how he got his ordination. i can challenge him. let there be a referendum amongst all cog churches through secret ballot and i am sure any poor spiriyual and sincere servant of god will definitely become the next os.
s mathew (March 21, 2011)
Do any of you know what is the official policy to elect the Overseer in Church of God. If you don’t know it is not elected from Council, he should be elected by the Pastors General body. If Church of God Leadership can do this and whoever wins from the General Body let them take the charge of the office. I request stop electing from the Council. This is a backdoor for to sneak in to the position. The above noted item is taken from the Church of God minutes.
believers journal, u s a (March 21, 2011)
@ IPC believer, usa____ we Believers Journal does not belong to any particular religious faction. We are here to perform our commitment in Journalism based on the ideology of 'freedom of press' in all fairness. We hope you understand us !
tom (March 21, 2011)
Pr. Shaji Consider changing your name to Bishop. How many years you know Kujappy?
pr. shaji (March 21, 2011)
who is P.J. J never laughing man and pakka politician. who is P.G. M Useless. Who is P.C. C fraud and politician.Who is M.O. A, one who divided CG Kerala. K.M. T is age over fellow. Some of these guys are looking for a chance to sit overseer chair. M. Kunjappy is better than all these fellows.He is a powerful ruler
ipc believer, usa (March 21, 2011)
mr abraham thomas my understanding this survey is not for ipc election, church of god kerala state having election on january 2012. why you bring ipc in this matter. i thought ipc does not have any media called believers journal. beljourn team please tell us this media belongs to ipc or any other denomination. waiting for the answer from believers journal team. thanks
samuel mathai (March 21, 2011)
i agree with abraham thomas and disagree with jacob george. first thing please fix the problem in your group before you try to fix cog kerala. to make it clear cog leader ship is not doing adultery but i ask you check in your denomination. reason for disagreeing with jacob, none of these leaders are appointed by god. they played the politics and got the chair. if not they will have a willingness to step down without any one asking. as one of the malayalam preacher said, the only think if you change any leader ship which includes the worldly, satan poyeee pisache vannu.
roy varghese, india (March 21, 2011)
@ mpm: Believer's Journal believes in "Freedom of the Press". We are doing our duties and responsibilities as a "News Media" in all fairness. We hope "mpm" would do appreciate us in our endeavours !!!
joby (March 21, 2011)
my advice is pls appointment one political leader for that post , that is good , enthina daivasabay day panam kattu mudikan oru election .. no one is qualified...
evag. p.c. varghese (March 21, 2011)
Pr. M. Kunjappy published the income and expenditure of Cgurch of God Kerala. So I Vote Pr. MK
br. jacob geroge (March 21, 2011)
Mr. Antappan did you give anything to Pr. Kunjappy. Then Tell we will ask him to return it back. Never tell things like this about the servants of God. God appointed him to lead church of God in this generation
simon sibi (March 21, 2011)
plz publish my comment...ok
simon sibi (March 21, 2011)
pas kunjappy...kunjappy means small baby..this very true, his name said he do know anything. so many church of god members said he very preacher and descions are caste, skin colour,based....we r agin said plz resign,,
njappy (March 21, 2011)
I think pastor PC Cherian deserves a chance. Enough of the current overseer.
pr. john philip (March 21, 2011)
I vote for Pr. M. Kunjappy. We can see tremendous growth in every sphere of Church of God Kerala
pastor thomas john kerlala (March 21, 2011)
I agrred with joy chembakasserril. Pr. Kunjappy for another term. He is doing the best he can. I vote for Pr Kunjappay at this time at this time.
jacob varghese (March 21, 2011)
@joy chembakasserril: Need of the hour?? give me a break. You talk as if there's none exists in COG.
john v s (March 21, 2011)
It is not the time to change Pr. Kunjappy. He is doing better than any former leaders
antappan (March 21, 2011)
******** This comment is removed. (Beljourn Team) *************
abraham thomas (March 21, 2011)
my opinion is- you do some survey to change ipc general predident. it is hihg time to remove him as we read a lot about him through tsbalan. uae conferrence removed him from preaching because of t s balan. how they are keeping such a leader in power. it is a shame about your organisation to read such things about your president. dont worry about church of god. we are capable to choose our overseer. brothers you dont have any other business.shame, shame
joy chembakasseril, u s a. (March 21, 2011)
i think pastor m. kunjappy in " a need of the hour " for church of god. i am yet to come across somebody who can replace pastor m. kunjappy. some may dislike him, because he is so firm in certain matters. i have to appreciate him in his efforts and determination about building up a church headquaters. i read somebody quoting him to k. karunakaran and there are people who dislike him also for his firmness on certain issues, but if you go to k. karunakaran with a problem he will solve them. his son mr. muralitharan was my classmate at mar ivanios college, tvm, i know them. there was a time when congress party only had six members in the legislature, at a time when he had a dispute with mr a.k.antony, its learned that mr. karunakaran told mr antony that " moone nee 'nikkarr' ettodu nadakkumbol, njan aarru perrumaayye evedde erikkayayirunnu". what i mean to say is that, he built up congress party in kerala. pastor kunjappy and karunnakaran are similar personnalities, we need them !
kunjachan (March 21, 2011)
The decision to display the names of donors of above Rs. 50000/- to office complex fund, on the complex walls itself shows the quality of the existing overseer and the council. They are opening door to breach Mathew,ch.6 v.1-3. Spirituality counts by wealth status is not Biblical.This technique was introduced by Catholic church before years to collect funds. But even they are not doing it now.
c samuel (March 20, 2011)
My opinion- from the present Kerala DP's, Pr Thomas George(ex youth Director).
Why not export/import some one from north India. May be K M Thankachen or Raju Thomas
Do we need an asst overseer?if so, need to find a better one and not like PGM.
john usa (March 20, 2011)
I am absolutely flabbergasted by the previous opinion of my dear brother. Church of God under the leadership of M. Kunjappy is doing much better than the previous two leaderships we had. The leadership change is not an absolute necessity. It may be considered as a viable option provided we can substitute with a better candidate who can take COG to a higher plataue. Under the leadership of Kunjappy there was total financial accountability, which the previous two administrators have not demonstrated. There will be other persons to step in and take the leadership role. God will always be with the church
mpm (March 20, 2011)
Why you are bothered about Church of God matters. You bother about your church matter.
dr. thomas (March 20, 2011)
a change in the leadership is absolutey necessary to bring back the spiritual image of the organisation. the current leadership is a failure in respect to maintain the doctrinal discpline as well as spiritual quality. the policy of the present leadership is that "you are right if you pay money for the activities of the church"
but the saddes thing is that there is no suitable aswell as capabale candidates in kerala state church of god. the only desrving candidate is in myopinion is pr. p j james. all thers are worst than pr. kunjappy. on the other hand pasor kunjappy is k karunakarn in church of god. his only dream now is not the ministry but the coronation of hi son shaji on the throe? of overeer.
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