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TS Balan passes away ..
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Publish Date: Jul 24, 2013
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TS Balan passes away ...
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johnson bosco (January 22, 2016)
TSB was a corrective force not only in Pentecostal group, but entire christian column.

He try to remove the cancer cell to save the whole body.

My deep condolences to the family of Pr.TBS.
killukam (December 24, 2014)
TS B. We miss you.

observer. (June 26, 2014)
No more news!!
friend (September 10, 2013)
Condolences to the bereaved members. God bless.
praveen chacko (September 4, 2013)
I think t s balan did his job according to the word of God.I learn more about the word of god from his.Any way let God bless his family more and more.
issahak (August 31, 2013)
Often seeing goons in the church we became very upset, frustrated and may do things according to our flesh to fight the hell, Balan was good at times exposing evil in the church, God will not allow church to hide secrets and scandals, God expose SIN and punish his children and cleanse them for His holy purposes, He will not hand over the church to Tyrants and Oligarchs for long Time, He will allow or use ppl like TS Balan or Media, or RSS, VHP, Jihad , or FBI, CBI, Police, Neighbors etc. We need to know God owns this world, control it, as long as Satan knows your sins, God is not worried about exposing it to the public, King David sinned, God exposed it! :D that is our God. Your scandals and fraudulence will be exposed, Tyranny will end, for the sake of innocent believers in the Church.
leviticus (August 31, 2013)
t.s was a hindu, became a christian, he was doing certain works for the lord! he passed away, learn to respect your opponents, i never read or enjoy reading his articles any way, but we need to show decency, would any pentecostals will say a word against a rss or vhp guy who killed christians or destroy your churches and when he goes to jail or die will you utter a comment? none of you will try it! just respect this guy and you show the quality of a born again christian, pentecostalism is not a political party, so many 3rd generation pentecostals think it is a political party, unfortunately 'it is not a political party' certainly balan exposed certain issues which need appreciation too, we need accountability & transparency in christian life, when we collect huge
job (August 28, 2013)
Balan did what was true to the best of his knowledge and belief. But it may not be comply with the doctrines taught by the Lord Jesus as can be seen from the holy scriptures.
joseph s, ernakulam (August 20, 2013)
dear believers ***he that rebuketh a man afterwards shall find more favor than that flattereth with the tongue. prov 28:23 (kjv) **** t s balan is no more, but his ministry and works are not new. from genesis to revelation we see that truth is not weighed by majority. t s balan was a man who lived on his convictions from the bible rather than opinions of people. many may not like his way of expressing his beliefs, but as the lord said judge by righteous judgment. let us reflect on what he stood for and what he stood against and leave all judgment to christ our lord. i appreciate his fights with a cost against immorality, false teachings and greed for money & power which is predominant in the so called born again churches, who have forgotten to reflect on the book of the acts of the apostles to understand the meaning of the church and ministry. may god grant his comfort upon the sorrowing family..
anil kumar (August 8, 2013)
My Condolences
vishal sathyan (July 30, 2013)
He was well known for making YouTube videos against Christianity. He made fun of the ignorance of Pentecost Leaders. He even blocked me, who spoke against this action. At last, he is gone. Anyway, deep condolences to his family.
onsolidrock (July 30, 2013)
Deepest condolences to the TSB family. The Lord's purpose through this man is fulfilled and finished, hence his departure from the earthly life. As Christians, let us bear the mind of Christ, weep with those who weep. God is not just the best, but the one and only most sovreign and righteous judge of all! So I pray caution - let us not be foolish and dare to intervene in divine affairs by word or deed.
varghese ny (July 28, 2013)
No more T S Balan. He is gone. He was like prophet Nadhan who reminded David's sin that he has done secretly. All sinners, do more sin. No more balan here to publish. Remember, there is a God who has eyes with flame of furnace. My deepest condolences to that poor family.
straight talk: (July 28, 2013)
Condolence to the bereaved family of Rev. T. S. Balan. FIND THE TRUTH: You said the truth. T.S. Balan's language was harsh while attacking people with some underlying intentions. His agents sent him messages and he wrote it without checking whether it was true or false, many people are deeply wounded. On the other hand, he has exposed many open truths. In the sermons at the conventions, the leaders will cry "North India", but they are all in a hurry to land in the gulf countries, then to the green pastures of the U.S. for making easy money through preaching-prophecy-orphanage-church building-old age home-etc. Even the rich ministers have a great smile while dollar is rubbed through their palms; nobody will say to give to somebody else or some other ministries. We need money for everything on this earth, but the love for money is deeply living in the hearts of 99% of the ministers which is an open truth.
graceofjesus (July 28, 2013)
new yorker : looks like ur sins were exposed .. that u r crying so hoarse .. or maybe u are another of the scheming penteocostal preacher .. yea .. and u r advocating people to start scheming others? wonder which spirit u r having
find the truth (July 27, 2013)
ts balan is no more. instead of trying to clean yourselves, do not try to cover your own sins by trying to shed light on balan's dirt. if balan was greedy for money, who is not? why are visiting pastors traveling to the us and middle east? not for money? why don't they go to the north indian villages to minister? will they ever say, "i got enough. i visited many times. this time i came not for money"? if you think tsb aired your dirty laundry, you agreed you are dirty. as far as those who claim they were victimized; can you say you are not guilty at all? there are many more "victims" yet to come out. pentecostals, beware of them. if you don't give masapadi, they will destroy your name. if his language was not pleasing to you, what will you call john the baptist, who called you the brood of vipers? finally, fear god. pray for your enemy. then you will be comforted.
balankutty (July 27, 2013)
(part 2) (first read part 1)

first god warned him by taking away his son. he was suffering from diabetes and other disease. his leg was amputated. he went into debt (which his not so genuine friends cleared it for sleazy evil news) still he didn't see god's plan. how i wished his knowledge from the word would have been effective through the ministry of holy spirit rather than justifing his judgement on others with his human spirit. and btw corrupt pastors , beware... it is not balan who will punish you but god himself. live for god and not for 'money' avarachoo stop smiling now and work for the lord
balankutty (July 27, 2013)
Balan had a great and deep knowledge of the truth. He knew Bible more than any Pastors. But He did not put his learning into practice. It is not good to call your brother a fool. In Revelation it says Let those who sin continue to sin... God will judge them. Jesus himself said there will be wolves in sheeps clothing. The Church has taken a beating. Some Pastors had dishonored God. But Balan Judged them. He could have corrected them based on the word. But he abused others to certain degree. And later it developed as an habit for him. He couldn't stop his work even if he wanted. (see comment part 2)
biju (July 26, 2013)
Dear All

He started defender with writings of Prajapathi Kristhuvalla and pls check last edition of defender ended with prajapthi. Download link is his book "Prajapathi Kristhuvalla" Plan of God, God called him back to rest in peace.
lawreneville (July 26, 2013)
How TSB got bungalow car etc.? Once a small elephant (Cheriiya Aana) from Vechoochira bribed him with 10 lakhs to bush his stories. and likewise many "gold father Thomas" "baby appy" All these money collected for church growth orphanage etc. SPhilip refused bribe and it became an offense to defender More stories coming. Anthrax sub agent bhopttamon tried to collect money. Mone Mathew. Ponnamma is coming out soon
tiger4christ (July 26, 2013)
The number of supporters in this comment list way higher than the no of Against... See frankly speaking his journey ended now dont keep digging the past and this digging will bring out another Balan Generations. Let us learn to forgive and forget. One life not worth dwelling on the rubbish or the good he did or dint. He life time he did what he could and now you try making a Difference and stop Mourning.
trueman, ny (July 26, 2013)
special correspondent, fl, you are 100% correct, Anthrax (CD Andrews) did lot of bad things in India as well as FL now he is doing his Satanic Job in Atlanta. Very careful dealing with this Man
special correspondent, fl (July 26, 2013)
tsb had a number of agents in the usa. all with a shady past. kannadi thampuran was the 1st one to pay money to write against his former business partner, pravachakan a.kunju from uae. that's how tsb found out blackmailing is an income stream. then, kallu thoma; who still owe money to so many indian grocery stores in tx. it will take volumes to write about antrax. his shenanigans in north india; ladies only driving school in fl; bankruptcy; secret lady house guest from uk when wife was away; blackmail church members using his association with tsb, paying $3000 to his friend in canada to write thesis for "doctoral" degree, etc.; etc. how come the "god's servant"/ "theologian"/ "defender of faith" did not write about these people???
young observer (July 26, 2013)
mr. ts balan was a sleazy journalist and a convicted criminal. he had more than 25 court cases pending in his name at the time of his death. he made a living by publishing lies and half-truths. i have never heard of anyone coming to christ or repenting of their sins because of his ministry. he was just a tool for his sadist agents who wanted revenge on their enemies. as a result of his rotten journalism, there are many families who've had to go through periods of misery, heartache, and affliction. his legacy as a journalist is filthy, deplorable, and atrocious. with that being said, i have heard that he was a good theologian and that he wrote many good books; but i never had an opportunity to read his books, so i cannot comment on his credibility as an author. regardless, his wife and children lost their husband and father. the demise of a family member is always painful; i pray that they find comfort in god while they go through this difficult time.
believer (July 26, 2013)
Tsb is gone. For good or bad, time will tell. Many believers relieved, some are sad. All of them have the reasons of their own for that. Our deeds will follow us. That is what bible says. I have a simple request to the believers. If any of you see a pastor or believer doing inappropriate things, show the courage to take them to the police (of course try to solve in a christian way first) and solve the problem rather taking it to the medias.
t.v.job fromuk (July 26, 2013)
Anyway The defender(TSB)has gone to the way of all the earth. It is for me a big loss because I could not publish my work "Marichaver Ivide" which criticising his best seller "Marichaver Evide" He would have lived. but the will of God. In his promotion no need of any condolence. God bless his family.
sam thomas (July 26, 2013)
tsb was against any good thing in the pentecostal community. attacked every church leaders- whoever is in charge- ag, cog, ipc, sharon and others. he was against all christian news papers, tv channels, schools, conventions, conferences, bible schools, orphanages. he pulled down all rising preachers and writers. in every church there will be at least 2 factions. tsb, always, took side with the wrong people and divided the church. all for money.

three years ago he didn't have a house. he was living in rental property. now he has a nice house, car, etc. where did all the money come from? majority of the money is from usa. good, the govt. did not go after the source of his income.

now the agents may instigate his son by offering money, to continue the news paper. hope, he will make a stand & refuse to publish trash for money.

tsb never visited usa. he has no clue how the people work so hard, day & night to support their family. writing garbage about them was cruel, t
response to living4god (July 26, 2013)
i used to think like you about tsbalan until recently though i did not read his paper regularly. only recently i started to read it. then i realized something. he is not the defender of truth. he is the defender of his friends. two things caught my attention. one was last year's conference in canada. i noticed how he was protecting the secretary and accusing the convened and treasurer. anyone with common sense know that if the conference failed, all three had equal responsibility in it. but not according to balan. he always protected the secretary. people in new york say it is because the secretary agreed to become his agent. the second thing was how he always protected pastor andrews and his doctorate, while making fun of the doctorate of others. people in atlanta say that it is because pastor andrews was his agent. after these two incidents and similar stories from others, i lost respect for him as a true journalist. to me this was his way to make a living.
georgie (July 26, 2013)
all the things he wrote may not be true.but i know one thing personally,many fraud pastors has stopped collecting money in crooked ways mainly because they are afraid of tsb.this happens mainly in kerala.i know one pastor who was expelled from church (ERNAKULAM DIST)who even used to threaten people and use many malicious ways to collect money.he even use to make anonymous immoral letters against families who wont help him.he used to say he have orphanages.these type of people have been hiding for some years and they hate and fear tsbalan. a man who really fear ALL-MIGHTY GOD does not fear any person or any now many frauds are going to be active
justice for all (July 26, 2013)
TSB-- the liar, the blackmailer and the puppet of some depraved minded Pentecostals has died. His memory will remain like that of man who was fighting a war just to prosper himself by using media as a tool to go after Men of God. Ofcourse-- there were instances he brought out some light on some of the sinful acts of the christian leaders. But he did more harm to the christian community in general than good as he NEVER once said good about any christian leaders or anyone. His publication was only highlighting negativity.. And all the negative spirited christians flocked to hear what he had to say. Those who wrote his publication and those who found his publication enjoyable and all his agents are equally guilty. May God judge our motives.
aji (July 26, 2013)
when John the baptist died herod's family was in rest, when Jesus was in tomb pharises and cheief priest were enjoying, same way many are I know tsbalan only by his words but I strongly believe that he was really a man of god. those who lived in sin were restless by hearing the name tsbalan, not all...pentacost community is not fit to have such a couragious and rightous man of your guys will miss him one day for sure.....
joy chembakaseri (July 26, 2013)
mr t.s.balan tried to expose a whole lot of things about a whole lot of people. a good majority of the accusations were untrue and fabricated, although a few of them where true too. but, what i have observed was that, when ever he made an accusation, a good majority of them, the accusations were channeled through the world of adultery and immorality. i am of the opinion that there was something wrong with his frame of mind and his thought process. he tried his might at throwing dirt at saints of god, whom, we in our wildest imaginations would never think that they are true. they looked so unreal, so what was he thinking about the society, while he was doing all that. i guess something was not, alright with him, at all ! but, let god be the judge ! my condolences !!!
mathew. dallas. (July 26, 2013)
prima.please find ts balan's work history and background. also compare the house and other things he has now. if you give me your details i will send you a list of donations he received from dallas alone which he confidentially gave to some of his agents. one person alone gave $10000.00. i have a list as proof from ts balan.he never worked and living in house and property worth lakhs or crores. how did he get it? i am not jealous but think about the source. just for your information. prima i personally gave him money to stop him from doing something which is true before god. let me stop because this is not the time to accuse. may god's peace be up on the family.
babit (July 26, 2013)
He is a good the theologian, And he fought against things rather than theology. Just read his all books. Then you can understand about him.
jayan (July 26, 2013)
go to you tube and watch truth news ts balan tea tharigida and do some help to that poor man of God,
prima (July 26, 2013)
Pr.T S Balan rest in peace.... I have a doubt...You all say that he earned a lot money by threatening others....I really wonder where all that money has gone!!!!
living4god (July 26, 2013)
my condolences to pr nd his family..hd tore up the real dirty masks of pentecostal leaders,if he ws not thr they wd hav continued thier noble work and we wont evr cm to know abt tht.i know many are offended by balan pr..but stilll thr r ppl who supported him..he targeted those who fell from track of god,never targetd noble ones..before writing anythng abt a person,he first warns them,nd if they dnt repent and cm back,he wrote against them..but still thr ws cases whn he ws one can be perfect..anyway his dismise is big loss for pentecostal circle.he showed leaders double faces..his works on 'marichar evde' nd otr books wr spectacular..many pastors use them to preach in bible class..evn thou he ws wrong smtimes ,he ws honest. he finished his race..god bless!!!
bsc (July 25, 2013)
God is good. TSB reaped what he sowed. I feel sorry for all who lost their way behind this man and spent $$$ on his stupidity.

It is time to grow up and look at you before you try to correct others. God will take care of that and he is still at work.

ex maranatha believer dallas (July 25, 2013)
1) Judge not that ye be not judged!(Mat 7:1)

2) If you think you are strong, you should be careful not to fall. (1 Cor.10:12)

3) Bless those who persecute you: bless and do not curse (Rom. 12:14)

dallas believer (July 25, 2013)
Condolonces to the family... Brought lot of pains and tears to most of the pentecostal community especially the ministries and ministers of God. We are not worthy to judge anyone however bad he or she is. Let this be a lesson to everyone who still doing the same act. Dont bring shame to the name of God. Stan faithfully for God. God Bless
sam kutty dallas. (July 25, 2013)
if balan was speaking for god why he was silent about his agents? think about thampan in dallas. a sadist who is damaging god's work in dallas and at large. think about thomas kutty who was in dallas, a cruck and cunning. now he wants get ordination to become an apostle. he is a shame to god's work. how about aniyankunu vallamkulam a thief and dr. andrews a culprit who didn't pass sslc. i boldly support balan"s website if he had written against his agents who were and are doing fraud and cheating, also using balan as their shield to threaten and blackmail innocent people. what he has to do with american pcnak? think and decide. there are so many corrupted balan's agents in us but he never spoke against them though he knew about their wrong doings. was balan speaking for god? god is not a respecter of person. right is right and just is just before god no matter who does it. i know balan's family was suffering because of his actions. may his peace be up on them.
mathew. abu dhabi. (July 25, 2013)
thomas mathew, i agree with you. i know couple of balan's agent who are in the us. for example thampachan who was in uae before he went to dallas. every malayalee knows how he cheated his sponser and took a lot of money and escaped at night time and then went to us. his life was and is totally against pentecostal values. his personal life is and was corruption. he was giving news to balan , that some brothers are fighting and not keeping their relationship to one another. look at him he is not even talking to his brother thankachan, uae. this thampachan didn't see his father's dead body and spying others for their relations with brothers. thampachan is corrupted. no church in dallas accept him. another example. baalan who is insulting others for doctorate ( i agree with him.) and never wrote against doctor rev.andrews in tennessee who didn't even pass 10th grade. this shows balan's writings are not just and true but to make money to live. balan a mammon's agent.
thomas mathew. kochi. (July 25, 2013)
Contd. I know believers and some non pentecostals backslided because of his writings and media. People like to read his website more than Bible. T.S.Balan's writings did damage to God's people, Kingdom of God and forced many to backslide. Now you decide what he accomplished. The Bible says, " Let he end be better than the beginning." May be he started with good reason but he failed. Let me ask you this how many people came to know Christ through his website? I am not judging T.S.Balan but a tree is known by its fruits. Condolences to the grieving family.
thomas mathew. kochi. (July 25, 2013)
Let me express my view about ts balan. I believe he started his writings and media with good intention in the beginning. But he used this to make money and exploit others for his benefit. The reason is: if he stands for truth and just how come he is not writing about his agents who are big cheaters and robbers? He knows very well about the evil practice of his agents and why he is not writing against them. The reason is because they ( agents) are his income source. Many robbers and adulturers are his agents and financial source to be safe. If Balan is standing for truth how come he is contacting people through his agents and emails and threatening innocent people to collect money. Actually he is used by " Mammon" when he calls others agents of mammon. I know one of his agents threatened a pastor because of his connection with Balan. Balan's media became a tool for American people to tarnish famalies and ministries when one doesn't like the other believer/pastor.
koodal (July 25, 2013)
There are two sides for each story. Nobody can blame or accuse the people who feel relieved by the *** of tsb. Nobody else can understand the pain, agony, shame & sleepless nights they went through because of articles he published in his paper by using vulgar language. To increase the viewership he added masala & pynkili language to each story. The people who portray him as a hero, modern Elijah, Paul etc. purposefully forget the fact that he had a darker side. Whatever allegations he brought forth about others, he failed in that also whether it is money or morality. His mind was after money. When he got lot of money he swallowed the elephant on the other side he ballooned an ant into an elephant (this is from first hand info not heard from someone). He destroyed many families by his immoral actions. People filed case against him from his own local church. He was suspended from Sharon not because of his writing but his way of life. His family is suffering & paying the price.
rex (July 25, 2013)
So sad to hear. May God Give comfort to his family.
jack (July 25, 2013)
His words were harsh and thrashing the families also was wrong. But his motives were right, and let God judge him. Atleast now point our fingures to ourselves and ask is it the time to be fearful of God. Leadership has no use unless you are the right leader. Time to change....belivers...we are not perfect but that is not an excuse all the time.
abraham joseph (July 25, 2013)
i believe he started with good intention and purpose. but towards the end he lost his vision and started doing his work for the money. he exploited the american malayalee pentecostal's desire to destroy their fellow bretheren. he was played like a puppet in regards to pcnak 2013 by the ipc eastern region thirumeni rev. villian and chatty wide festing kallanmar from new york along with kallu thoma. i was very supportive of tsb until he started attacking pcnak 2013 and i could see how silly he became and i realized that most of the stories he wrote were a lie and by the compulsion of the many jealous and parapaniyal agents in america.
v.k. mathews (July 25, 2013)
Balan sir finished his duty on earth. He unmasked a lot of dirty people.
er member ny (July 25, 2013)
Eastern Region are planing to invite Pastor K.C. John for next region meeting. Good move eastern region folks. That was the deal someone made for not to speak in the PCNAK. now they do not have to fear anyone. But with one contention avoid Kallu Thoma. Kallu Thoma Also may get the ordination soon.
believer from dallas (July 25, 2013)
this man put lot of innocent people in tears and i am one of them. he also destroyed many churches and families by spreading false rumors and accusations. god knows the heart of every believer and let him be the final judge. i have decided to forgive him and prayed for him when he was alive. i have no no grudge against him and praying for those who were hurt through his actions and words. this chapter is now closed and it's time to move on.
rkz (July 25, 2013)
a man used in the hands of satan
mundakan (July 25, 2013)
i give the fellow credit for his witt and humor. but i can't he was doing god's work. there is an exponential market for his business in the usa, which is to throw dirt on alleged pastors. some people paid a lot of money to market that product. ts balan took advantage of that market needs. i would like to see a disclosure of all the donors from us and canada. my condolences also to the grieving families.
pc thomas (July 25, 2013)
I know him personally, but i am not 100% agree with his all...but i agree 60%..But this is not time to fight to each other thr words, my deepest condolence to the bereaved family.
george kannamkara (July 25, 2013)
My deepest condolence to the bereaved family. God bless you. George Kannamkara @ family.
tsb (July 25, 2013)
ts balan had an equally bad side as well as good side. i first got a chance to read his website when i was carried forwarded by the heavenly feast teachings. it was his articles that put me back in proper path. i am thankful to him. negative side is black mailing, judging, using bad words and acting as if he is all-perfect. his "lakshyam" was good but "margam" was wrong. defender stooped to the level of blackmail paper. in other words, he became more of an agent of devil.
kga (July 25, 2013)
that is true.Jesus is coming soon , sanctify our self so that each one of us will be taken up in rapture. we need to understand the will of God for us and fulfill the God given destiny. Jesus said" do not judge so that you won't be judged", everybody need to fear God.TSB had no right from God to judge other people. Bible says" lairs don't go to heaven.
find the truth (July 25, 2013)
people from pagan religions coming to christianity searching the truth. they fear god better than most of the white linen clothed pastors group. when they find contrary to their expetations they speak up. when i talked with balan, he said he always reverify the news he received. he picked mainly pota-upadesimars. god asked cain "why are you angry" , because sin is in you. ts balan put all illiterate and false pastors in one jail cell. now they are happy because satan broke the cell doors. are you faithful to the believers and god?. before judging others, judge yourself. you will also die. he fought for the truth. let god comfort ts balan's family.
new yorker (July 25, 2013)
TSB said, "Chatha Kochintte Jathakam Nokkittu Enthu Kaarum" on PCNAK. Here, we are doing the same thing. He is gone. Once again, he started good but couldn't finish it right. We all need to learn a lesson from this. Let us move forward and do what is right for our fellow bretherens and our community. "Oppu Thinnunnavanum, Theetikunnavanum Pinne vellam Kudiche Pattukayullu Moonee" Penne dukkichitte oru kariyvum illa. This is God's policy.
abraham cm (July 25, 2013)
Condolences to TSB's family..

good friend (July 25, 2013)
Nokkuka, ellavarkkum adhyasha sthanam allengil youtubilum allangil convension posterilum kanappedananm, athinulla kurukkuvazhikal nokkukayum cheyunnum. ennal ts balane nokkiyal adheham valare viswasthanayirunnu...........

kishore, kerala (July 25, 2013)
Wow - It seems that all Balan's agents are getting upset in this discussion forum
anamika,kerala (July 25, 2013)
don't worry about the dead, worry about yourself u all his hidden 'spies'the bible says, (the accuser of the bretheren,) because next it will be your number, take a number and get lost
this is the truth (July 25, 2013)
many of the people who wrote comments here are naive and believe what he said on his website- that he never took money to print news or take out news from his site. but i personally know a few people who paid him money to take out their news from his site (and he did). he also told a US pastor that he has to keep writing against another pastor in the US since he was under so much pressure to do so (means he was getting money for it). i also know of at least one case where he approached a pastor through his cronies and asked for money not to write against him. the pastor did not and the next day news against him started appearing on defender web site. so one request to everyone. dont be naive. dont picture him as a hero. he is a fellow who made his living by writing dirt about others. he was the owner of a manja pathram- nothing more, nothing less. let his legacy be not that of a prophetic voice of correction(he was not) but that of an editor of a manja pathram (which he was).
mathews bangalore (July 25, 2013)
balan=( Bradley, manning and snowden)to the pentecostalworld condolences to the family
undapakkru (July 25, 2013)
t s balan destoyed several families and churches in many places. does god giive him permissio to judge other people?. no believers can use the language used by balan. he blackmailed several pastors and asked money and those they refused to pay, balan destroyed their church, family etc. i know many innocent people who were in destress many many many month because of balans abusive writing. accoding to balan all church leaders are adulteres. i heard that he asked $25000 from paster for not writing againt the paster. he don't deserve any good even during his *** because he never considered the feeling of others and he was allways blackmailing other people. i personally heard from a pastor that he give mony to balan because of fear. god will definitely punish all his supporters of his evils ministry. i know more than anybody else that its not good to say bad about him this time but i am sorrry as i saw the tears of several peple because of balan.
a believer (July 25, 2013)
The idiots from USA was his sponsors , so now the reporters lost their job ,,,,,sorry, ini thottipaniyannu nallathu
a believer (July 25, 2013)
deepest condolence to grieving family. i do not think, it is appropriate to celebrate the *** of a human being. after all tsb was a human being, a father and a husband. i was never a supporter or a sympathizer or a regular reader of defender. and i do not endorse or agreed what he did. at this time we need to analyze our involvement in the kingdom of god. god has chosen us to be the part of kingdom building process. most of the believers are not interested in this or some of them try to build their own kingdom. and some of them try to destroy the works of the kingdom of god. (they claim, they are trying to expose the bad elements but in reality they are trying to destroy the kingdom of god. let’s be the kingdom builders!! not destroyers!!
lesli (July 25, 2013)
all those thattippu veeranmar are going to come up.they have been hiding

for some they are relaxed.illatha anadha aalayangalum pana pirivukalum ini sajeevamakum.
shibu mathew, saudi arabia (July 25, 2013)
We shall not forget that Pr. TSB was a person came to Christianity from a pagan Hindu culture. Within limited time he earned the sense and knowledge than any traditional Christian.

It is worthwhile to think that why such a person stood himself as a defender? How Christian community treated him? He was driven in to a community where preaching and practicing never went in parallel.

I feel no surprise, why he took his sword against the cults; though I'm against his offensive language.
rev. thomas (July 25, 2013)
whatever the drawbacks in him, truly he was a corrective force in the pentecostal community . those who speak against him think for a moment and search for the secular medias and will find what he was told is right. he helped the poor belivers to recognize many false prophets, adulterous in our community. related to pcnak 2013 he had few wrong information from his news agents and thats why all these commotion happened. i have personal experience of knowing frauds thru this man. he lived a simple life. a scholar, hardworking , theologian . a great lost to our community. woolfs with goat skin don't be happy, before his *** he has prepared almost 2-3 years matters for the defender. so wait and see . may god comfort tsb family.
mark (July 25, 2013)
Pr. T S Balan,,He fought a good fight. Always raised his voice against injustice and unholiness among "so-called" pentecostal s.
dr. jacob mathew (July 25, 2013)
Deep condolences to Pr.TS Balan's family.

The language that TS Balan had used in his writings was bit harsh, but I am sure that his words would speak and echo even after his death. Pentecostals who claim to be "Separated" must live a life worthy to be our calling and commitment to Christ.
sam eappen, kottayam (July 25, 2013)
Even in battles and war, you show respect to the fallen ones. Today he is gone, tomorrow our day will come! The glee and mindless celebrations here show what materials the commentators are made of! Like him or hate him, his words compelled us to listen. True, he washed the dirty linen in the public; but some of us were happy keeping them under our pillows. We as a community deserved a lot of his indicting rhetoric. Take no offense at him, now that he is gone! If we have any regard for our reputation, let us put our house in order- lest another Balan is created! Thank you Balan,for confronting us. You were not perfect, but you were a necessity. You will be remembered for a long time. Hope we could do our bit in making Kerala Pentecostals a god fearing community.
texas believer (July 25, 2013)
based on evidences and experience of many saints and churches in us, he acted as a maphia against pentecostal believers. he covered all the leaders who continued giving money. once it is stopped, he turned around. that is what happened one of the cog former leader and an ipc leader. can anybody come with a clean certificate for his known agents in us? they are all corrupt and and have no moral values. most of them are thrown out from their local churches. 90% of the news published were either lies or exaggerated. did anybody save or come back from backsliding because of his exposing news ministry? did anybody repent for the sins because of the fear of god? it was a truth that most of our pastors (in us) was afraid of valan than god. it was not because they are all sinners but everybody knew if they are against valan, he will make up anything and write against them using vulgar language and destroy their family and churches. now the believers and churches in us are relieved.
sp (July 25, 2013)
hello george philip

how can you quote paul's words and use it for ts balan, either ur a bretheren guy or one of the agents. if you knew the bible how can you say this? ofcourse ts balan believed he was doing god's work. but you should know the pain of countless families he destroyed. how do you fell if somebody tarnish you or ur wife or mother writ will your children feel. none of the agents as i know in michigan are good believers they are all backsliders who are not spirit filled should know the defender was widely used by the rss and the enemies of pentacostal movements.check the rss sangh office in changanessary.
mediator (July 25, 2013)
Let's refrain from argument s and counter arguments.As it will create backsliding from the calling and from His eternal purpose through of us.Also creates negative vibes among believers.
mars (July 25, 2013)
Anekare pinnmattathilekkum nalla viswasikale aviswasathilekkum nerode sossrusha chaithu jeevitham katti thannavare papathilekkum nayicha TSB avasanam oru manasantharathinu polum avasaramundakatheyanu maranapettathu...kashtam

ithellavarkkum oru padamayirikkanam.K.TO
pr.paul m nair (July 25, 2013)
Pr.TSB through FB. Pr.T.S Balan bravely and strongly opposed the mismanagement and immorality and so many other important social issues raised in the Christianity.He did not leave any one untouched if he or she did a wrong.So,he gained so many enemies especially from Christian community. But one thing is sure,for some Leaders who were running out of track-the Defender was a nightmare to them.Now they got relaxed because TSB is no more.I can't say that TSB was right in all that he did,and contributed to the Christianity.The way of expression of criticism some times had gone beyond the limit.However this is not the time to discuss these subject here.
ra supporter (July 25, 2013)
RA, Is that true that C.V Antrax is moving to perumbavoor?? Some deciples also going with him I heard.
anti balan (July 25, 2013)
Mr George Philip-- Do you know what TS Balan stood for?? He stood to blackmailing people. Do you know how many people were blackmailed to relinquish their position as executive members of the PCNAK 2013. Mr Balan was not a good man... Let's not color him with honarary words. He deserves no sympathy or good wishes from us.
blesson varghese sam (July 25, 2013)
deepest condolence to the grieving family...i knew t s balan personally and i know what he did or what he was doing.even today in his absence i appreciate his courage to fight against lot of things.pentecostals today are moving in a wrong direction and they are least bothered about anyone or anything.there should be someone to speak all and he took that challenge and gave a brave fight till his last breath.

even though i know him personally i was not happy with the language and style he used in his magazine.but the fact is that he was able to bring lot of things in public."what next"...lot of people are relieved than grieved"..come on pentecostals end times are near...this is time to stand together and fight against unhealthy practices in churches and in our community.i believe and pray that many balans will come and take up the unfinished work for the expansion of gods kingdom.
unknown (July 25, 2013)
who are we to judge, no one is perfect, Let us leave everything to God who knows our heart more than what we see,never judge a book by its cover,may his soul rest in peace . . .
babu (July 25, 2013)
Nobody knows where he gone
george philip (July 24, 2013)
T.S. Balan stood for a cause. He defended it till his death. God used him to cleanse many blots from Pentecostals and specially as he stood against leaders who had no moral values. Though leaders never turned back, believers understood their double face. "He finished his race." God's blessing be upon his family.
v kulam chattanooga (July 24, 2013)
ente ettavum valiya friend aayirunnu balan sir.chattanoogayile agentaayi enne aanu balan sir theranjeduthathu.kazhinja praavashyam njaan naattil poyappol balan saarrinte bhavanathil poyirunnu.saambathikamaayi njaan othiri sahaayikkukayum cheythirunnu.chattanoogayile viddi (foolish church) sabhayum, paradhooshanam josum ee sambavathinu shesham valare dukkathil aanu.aa familiye daivam aaswasippikkatte
mattplano (July 24, 2013)
There is a great misunderstanding about the word “judge” or “discern” among Pentecostals. In the natural before you buy a car, you discern and in the spiritual before you accept a prophecy you discern. In both instance we are judging the product (car/prophecy) not the producer. Discernment is to combat deception of satan. The writings of TS Balan are a combination of false accusation, exaggeration and truth. Many Pentecostal leaders under the umbrella of gospel walk in the ways of Balaam (greedy after money) and Cain (God is not first or number one). Multitude of people who followed Jesus missed the visitation of God because they lost the ability to discern - the time of Messiah (LK 12: 54-56). One of the things that Jesus came and produced for us at Calvary was the ability to perceive and discern right and wrong. Don’t lose your discernment. God bless!
moni's friend ny (July 24, 2013)
those who support balan need to understqand that he was a curse in the pentecostal world and for the lord's name. tell me one person got saved by his ministry. i can name several that he hurt with out a reason. even when hitler died world did not celebrate like this. why? he was nothing but a low level creep trying to make few bucks off of others. he had no moral values. when he died he was on the way back from the court attending a case against him. there are so many painful hearts that prayed for him shut up. lord heard the prayer. he hurt not pcnak but lot of god fearing people and great movement. pcnak was lot better than maramon convention. but him and ny idiots destroyed it and it's values. pcnak will never be the same any more even the ny saints come back and apologize. they think they are better than others(pharisees)but they are actualy sadusees(sadist.
dr. Anthrax Punyalan (July 24, 2013)
ente chirakodinju poi. Balan oru 10 varshamkoode jeevikum ennu njan mohichu. Annalum oru santhosham ollathu orukalthum ini thirinju kadikathillallo. Othiri panam koduthatha. Korachu karyam koode sadhikan undayirunnu. Ente valatthu puthran ******** valare dukathil anu. Avanum othiri pere nasippikan plan ondarunnu. Avan ennekal thara ayathukondu kozhappamilla.
phill (July 24, 2013)
My heartfelt condolences...
reply varghese dallas (July 24, 2013)
Of course. He was a liar. The people like you gave him the offerings and donations Dallas has lot of spies . I don't know you are the one of that. He had an evil spirit. we fear o the God. not Devil in the world. At least you should be happy now because you don't have to send him any money
wilson newyork (July 24, 2013)
we must conduct tri state condolence meeting @ new york. because of our dear friend ts balan all of us had unity against the believers of new york. ipc, ag, cog and independent church call came under ts balan umbrella. some of the official's please post where is the meeting going to be.

thanks w.i.w.j
dr aby sa (July 24, 2013)
Let God judge the words n deeds of each one of us. Although many of us didn't agree to his way of saying things, we must ot forget that truth is always bitter. Let us bury the differences of opinion and come forward to organise a contribution for his family, start with the least amount to show our love for a family who came to Christian faith from Hinduism and stood for the faith against all odds. Let us be an example my dear brothers. God bless you.
thomas, ny (July 24, 2013)
chila pathra kurippukal kandu - ts balan nithayathil paravishichu ennu (kandittu chiri adakkan vayaaa - sorry njan vidikkan arum alla) yeshu paraunnu matthew - 5:22 (kjv) 22 but i say unto you, that whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment; and whosoever shall say to his brother, ‘raca,’ shall be in danger of the council; but whosoever shall say, ‘thou fool,’ shall be in danger of "hell" fire. eni nigal thanne vidi ezhuthu.... balanum avante agenteum marum ''naragathinu yohiyathar thanneee'' avare already dhiyvam kaivittatha...
varghese dallas (July 24, 2013)
Now many are rejoicing because they need not fear TSB hereafter. These fellows have no fear of God even before.Hearty condolences to the family of T.S.Balan
reply- asish alex (July 24, 2013)
Asish why you did not voice your disagreement with TSB when he was alive. Now you are wanting to respect the dead....his family was fed up.. may be they also prayed for his departure...We don;t know.

So let people voice their ideas and comments freely. this is a blog and every blogger can say what they like..

Just like you disagree..I agree..with this..

ttk (July 24, 2013)
very sad
ashish alexander, dallas, tx (July 24, 2013)
i see multiple update about ts balan death. i am not fit to judge who will go to heaven or hell. even though i do not agree with his later style of personal attacks; he started as a whistle blower exposing the corruption within the church. one thing i wanna ask all my friends and well wishers is to respect the dead. think of the positive qualities he had. many magazines a comparing him to the devil himself, i don't agree with that kinda of christianity or journalism. yes, every man has flaws, some great and some small. so please stop badgering him on social media, show respect to the family and loved ones. i wanna express my heart felt condolence to the family and loved ones.
george kutty, ny (July 24, 2013)
ചില പത്ര കുറിപ്പുകൾ കണ്ടു ടി.എസ് ബാലൻ നിത്യയതയിൽ -- അത്‌ഭുതം - (ഞാൻ വിധിക്കാൻ ആരുമല്ല) യേശു പുതിയനിയമത്തിൽ പറയുന്നത് ശ്രദ്ധിക്കു ... ഞാനോ നിങ്ങളോടു പറയുന്നതു: സഹോദരനോടു കോപിക്കുന്നവൻ എല്ലാം ന്യായവിധിക്കു യോഗ്യനാകും: സഹോദരനോടു നിസ്സാര എന്നു പറഞ്ഞാലോ ന്യായാധിപസഭയുടെ മുമ്പിൽ നിൽക്കേണ്ടി വരും; മൂഢാ എന്നു പറഞ്ഞാലോ അഗ്നിനരകത്തിനു യോഗ്യനാകും. Matthew 5:22 (KJ21) 22 But I say unto you, that whosoever is angry with his brother withou
condolence meeting (July 24, 2013)
TriState Condolence Meeting @ Lawrenceville (Georgia, South Carolina & Tennessee) ദയവായി എല്ലാവരും കടന്നുവരിക Date & Time: TBD For more information, please contact Anthorse Punnyalan (ആന്ത്രാക്സ് പുണ്ണ്യയാളൻ)
js (July 24, 2013)
Reply to ben ny

Did any Pentacostals sleep with ur folks.
enthanu enthanu (July 24, 2013)
Enthanu ee valia buzzzzz in the journal ????? The age of tsb is over. He will receive the reward according to his deeds. God brought Nebuchadnezzar to teach His own people. Then He removed him and brought Cyrus in to seen to bring them back to Jerusalem. God use men for His purpose but if they try to act like they above everyone & everything then He remove them from the seen. God does things in His own time as He please. Children of God act like, talk like & walk like children of God. Regardless of who out there they should fear God & love fellow believers. This is a high time for a revival among the believers!! Please pray, submit and wait for His work in each one of us. Then there won't be any room for corruption, corrupt leaders, mafia type business & some ody can use the print media against others to satisfy their jealousy & arrogance!! May God help the Malayalee spiritual community !!
jack (July 24, 2013)
I know his language was harsh and thrashing the families of wrong doers not the right thing...but i agree what he believed.
the truth is (July 24, 2013)
that people used this fellow to get even with others and to destroy others. he needed the money so he went along with them. he had no scruples. no self respect. he always protected people who paid him money and destroyed others who did not. this is your hero? this is a man of god?
tom (July 24, 2013)
He's gone but those who do wrong things don't just laugh too much because I am sue somebody out there who will continue what he wrote in defender.i don't agree with some of the laguage that he wrote but he was honest in many ways he wrote.again pr.TS balan is gone Doesn't mean mean that defender is done.peace!
observer (July 24, 2013)
My condolence to TSB family. Let us move forward and do what is right for the church, our community and our brothers. Don't trash our brothers anymore. Let God be the judge. Give God the opportunity to judge. Just because you have a pen and a paper, don't give the right to trash others. Ignore those people.

Just because TSB is no more, it doesn't give any pastors, prophets or other leaders to abuse other childern of God in anyway. Fear God. Otherwise, someone else will rise up and do the same.

God bless all of us.
sam thomas (July 24, 2013)
Some corrupt leaders were exposed by TSB. So what? What about the real corrupt ones, who paid hush money to keep their ugly face and true colors hidden from public? How about those innocent families being ruined by false allegations. For money this guy wrote many non-sense about a lot of people. Years ago there were some secular Malayalam news papers- "Thaniniram"; "Sarasan", etc. Even the secular world rejected them and they went out of print years ago. But so called "Pentecostals" still find pleasure in the sleaze this guy was writing. And his agents, blackmailed a lot of people. Now those money can be used for some good purpose.
punyavalan georgia (July 24, 2013)
hello.. i am so sad.. because tsb was gud man. u see. he was supported my humma do for a long time.. even i have no highschool sslc certipicate no digree or master digree...but i have a dokter8. i hope i spilling correctlee. but i liked tsb verymuch. i am now ufraid that sombody going to challeunged and asked me show my dockterate please pray for me. i not going to get in trouble. i also have my own ministry where i teach other people. pray for me. pls
compassionate (July 24, 2013)
show some compassion to his family members who were going thru difficulty, struggling & hardship due to tsb's merciless actions against many. Now they are going thru the pain of separation due to his death. please pray for them. only God can heal their wounds, help them come out of the shadow and use for His glory!!!!!
reply- samuel joseph & manoj (July 24, 2013)
hello brothers, remember,the devil is the best theologian.. he even quoted the word of god to jesus. but we dont beleive satan because he comes to steal destroy and kill.just because somebody knows theology does not give them the right to say nonsense. also because he died-- you are showing sympathy.did he write about you?he has not written about me. i am talking on behalf of those about whom he has written trash.their entire families for generations. why?only because they opposed him.step into their shoes.first please.sleepless nights.and all nonsense..there is anger built up.. in many families.let the peace of god and a godly response be the answer to them.dont justify tsb's actions nobody can ever do that.the pen is mightier than the sword? ha ha.the word of god is a two edged goes inside deep and when it comes out it pulls out all the trash inside.. so again.. dont support the activities of the pen.
dulos (July 24, 2013)
He was knowledgeable person. He could have been used his talents more effectively. But he was able to point out many frauds. He was supposed to use decent language. Now this is the time for all the frauds to come out of their caves. Be faithful people
samuel joseph (July 24, 2013)
He was used by our Pentcostal people for unlawful activities.

Now he is no more..Lets pray for his family.Forgive and forget.

manoj (July 24, 2013)
t s balan (defender editor) passed away today evening 6.30 pm due to cardiac arrest. he was a good theologian and wrote some good books; but was a 'speck in the eye' of many due to his newspaper and articles. i feel many corrupt leaders/believers who were turning 'god's house into market' will sleep tonight with a light heart as there won't be any one to point finger against them through words. as it is in saying, "pen is mightier than sword." i don't know what will be his position if sajuchayan re-writes kpc, but he showed the corruptions inside church is to be exposed and opposed, long before anna hazare started his anti-corruption campaign. is it high time for us to raise our voice against corruption movement inside the church?
viewer (July 24, 2013)
now hiden leader,are happy.and with more power they can do their great job..

his job is finish.but dont forget new t s balan wil walk up.

our sincere condolence.
pentecostal bel (July 24, 2013)
Can anyone see EVIL.. in his eyes..

I can see evil... must be a picture when he was much younger.

I thank God that God releived him of his earthly pain.. he was in a lot of pain and physical suffering.. in Perumbavoor.

May there be no more TSB's anymore!
reply to shibu- saudi (July 24, 2013)
hey shibu- please go to archives and continue to read his articles and learn from him. you enjoyed his teachings. he taught people.. wow....what did you learn from him.. so for a good cause you can use theri-- then do you use theri in your house and church for a good cause. in a civilzed society,profanity and offensive language is not accepted. jesus will not approve of it. go to a court and talk like that and see what happens. in will go to jail..

also, who is he to blame people whom god has appointed as leaders? let them be accountable to god. if anything affects you directly talk to them and try to fix the problem. talkign trash to the whole world is not the way to correct problems.. he made things worse for the pentecostals. problems in a house should remain within the house.. that is the way to build and construtively deal with an issue.

good luck to you shibu-- if you learned a lot from tsb...
binu sukumar (July 24, 2013)
We are called to live gospel. We are living in the midst of immorality. We have to prove that we are God's children. But unfortunately we cannot do the same through our words and deeds. Francis of Assisi says," preach gospel, if necessary use words." Pr. T.S. Balan was a good teacher of the word of God. Though we cannot agree with his entire activities, he was a faithful man of God. Sincere condolences to the family members.
truthteller (July 24, 2013)
i have opposed a lot of tsb's positions especially in connection with pcnak. i don't doubt his salvaton by grace afforded to all through jesus. we do not celebrate anyones death. i pray for his family. let god comfort them.
reply to joseph (July 24, 2013)
hi bro..

especially when tsb is not with us..we should not talk about him or his actions....that makes no sense. how come you did not talk to him when he was alive.. where were you.. did you enjoy or cry when he was trashing others..

let people voice their concerns freely. not judgementally.. but share facts.. facts are facts.. ok.. nothing wrong with him.

i heard his family was fed up with him too.. so they may be singing a song of deliverance and victory and good riddance>.
new yorker (July 24, 2013)
now to all sympathizers! has your family or church or ministry been torn apart by ts balan? have you seen the tears of those that ts balan trashed? if you have not been one of those impacted negatively-- it is so easy to preach the love of god and pentecostal ideologies and theology. also let us make it clear- nobody is judging balan. there is nothing wrong in people voicing their feelings, opinion and thoughts on ts balan's activities...we live in a democratic society.. the fact that he is be with-- god only knows-- who and where-we should not stop people from coiving their frustrations. let the world know how evil he was. he was an indian hitler or acted like it. hitler killed the jews.. tsbalan killed ministers and any malayalee pentecostal..who opposed him. so people.if you have been hurt or know someone that was directly hurt-0- let others know how you feel. of course in christian love. dont behave or talk like him." if you are suffering from the injustive of an evil ma
shibu mathew, saudi arabia (July 24, 2013)
being a christian, i really enjoyed the teachings of pastor ts balan. it is true that some of his articles use offensive language; but its for a good cause indeed. the face of pentacostal leaders (to a significant number)are not clean and most of the people knows it; still keep it behind the veil. pastor tsb broke the rules and came of of the veil, and that's it....
sam thomas (July 24, 2013)
This must be the beginning of a new revival in the Pentecostal Churches. Those who were afraid to invite some outstanding preachers to conventions and meetings can now invite them without fear. Those who want to write books, publish articles, start news papers, TV channels, Christian Schools, conduct revival meetings, Christian music programs, conferences, elect office bearers to committees, appoint pastors, buy properties for churches, travel for mission purposes can all do it without outside interference and without fear of some unscrupulous elements of the 'Pentecostal' community tarnish their reputation and family.
joseph (July 24, 2013)
We are nobody to judge Bro. T. S. Balan or any believer for that matter, particularly when Bro. Balan is not with us. It is God who judges everyone according to how everyone lived his or her life on earth. However, no one can deny the rottenness that has crept into the Kerala Pentecostal churches. Whether Bro. T. S. Balan did the right thing by pointing out some of those evils among Kerala Pentecostals or he went wrong in doing so, should be left to the righteous judge, our Lord. However, we should all remind ourselves how fragile is our life here on earth and how careful we ought to be in living this rather short span of life God has given us. Let us remember once more, what Jesus has taught us in John 15:12 “Love one another as I have loved you.” Love and forgiveness are the two powerful messages of the cross. If Pentecostals cannot practice this in life, I am afraid all that we do in the name of Christ will be nothing but straw. “But the day will come when everyone’s work ca
texan (July 24, 2013)
Violetta-- how do you know for SURE that many things he wrote were true. Yes.. one or two instances which were in the news -- he re-exposed to another group -- the believer community who are living overseas. what else did he do...

He was a pupet that satan used to defame Pentecostals through our Malayalee pentecostals....!!
texan (July 24, 2013)
there is nothing wrong in writing about a man who is dead. his actions will follow him... good or bad.

nobody is against tsbalan.. everyone is against his actions.. his deeds were not building up anyone.. they were destructive and divisive. he terrorized pentecostals. there are thousands of non-pentecostals who have read his fabricated tabloids and enjoyed.

many of them have believed his fabricated, imaginary stories and probably hate pentecostals. from our own pentecostal community there are many weak believers who may have turned their backs on god reading his nonsense!

time for us to get back on our knees and ask god to bring back such people to god!
man who cares (July 24, 2013)
t.s. balan was a man who acted like god, judging, condemning and throwing dirt on anyone who opposed him or anyone who was recommended as being an opponent of his ideoolgies. he had no principles. he had no conscience. he tore up many families and many ministries. even if someone fell from grace, they may have reconciled with themselves, their families, church and those involved and finally with god. so who is tsbalan to condemn those whom god sannctified and justified? i heard that his family was not at all supportive of this man and his actions. but they were helpless. woe! to those who fed him and led him to do these attrocities using technology and the print media. there are people who would not read the bible but read tsb news every day. where is the flash news about his own *** on his website. he even reported someone who passed away yesterday. may be this is the demise of his website too. condolences to his family and his supporters! only god can judge his actions..
violetta (July 24, 2013)
I know one thing for sure..he wrote many things which were true and which shouldn't have been judged by him..

anyways ...its all over now what will worry everyone is will his sons continue or anyone writing

May God give them peace the family...
queens ny (July 24, 2013)
now eastern region mourning and fasting for this week end. under the eastern region all the church going to declare three days mourning and going to start charity fund under his name. because he was their help from earth. now he is gone. at least ts balan agreed pcnak was great success. now anti pentecost t.s.balan is gone. my condolences to the family
atlanta punyavalan (July 24, 2013)
My condolence to TSB's family
joy chembakaseri (July 24, 2013)
" aaasathyanghaludheea raajaaveea ninkku viddaa "--- t.s. balannteea deehaa veyoogham aaasathyanghaludheea lookatthu nikatthanaakaattha vidavaannu srisshttichhirikkunnaathu !!! he spent majority of his time speaking untruthful matters, trying to through dirt on people to pull down, whom he did not like, although he brought up some truthful matters too ! let god be the judge ! anyway, i don't share the suggestion that his generations should suffer because of this, that would be too cruel-some to the family ! i don't think the whole family is involved in it, mr. t.s. balan should be held responsible for his actions good or bad. my condolences !
ben ny (July 24, 2013)
Now Pentecostals can peacefully do adultery and all sorts of sin...:)
rmct pune (July 24, 2013)
the work of ts balan would have offended many no doubt and i am not here to sanctify his deeds. but the corruption with in the power circles of pentecostal world reached titanic proportions that some one like ts balan was needed to expose it. even though the corrupted ones didn't fear god they feared tsb.
angry bird (July 24, 2013)
The number one culprit for Balan's defender was not him rather those who fabricated the stories and send to defender, I mean his agents. They are the real losers too.

No opinion about his death. Just wanted to say the truth!
kunjaappy (July 24, 2013)
A person who spent an entire lifetime finding dirt in other's fingernails and used the print medium to air other's dirty laundries cannot be expected to garner many sympathies.It is only natural that his *** will not have many express sympathies. You are what you are when you are alive. Its sad but true that your actions define you in life and in death. If he was alive at the time of Jesus, I can only imagine the new he would have posted on Mary Magdelene when she said that Jesus was no longer in the tomb.
varughese, dallas (July 24, 2013)
No matter how bad one may think that person was, let us show some respect to the family. They are going thru a very sorrowful situation. We all are Christians bought and washed by the blood of Jesus. Let's show Christ love to the family. May God give peace to the bereaved family.
db4good (July 24, 2013)
demise is always a sad thing. As for this "gentleman", he was stressed out about the malayalees too much and there are more people celebrating his demise for he spent too much time challenging others and revealing the dirt in others. The first time I read Defender was last month in June and the way he wrote about pcnak was outrageous and without any real content. He was just blabbering whatever. Only losers can support this kind of filth spreading gossip. As much as I want to say RIP, my conscience does not allow me to do so. Let the words that he used to hurt others come back to his generation unless they choose to publicly denounce this mans nasty contributions.
aryan supporter (July 24, 2013)
Condolences to TSB's family...
bj reader,tx (July 24, 2013)
t. s. balan is gone. please don't write any comments against a person no more living. what left is only a dead body. my condolences to the family.
v kulam chattanooga (July 24, 2013)
My Condolences.
newyorker (July 24, 2013)
Expect Eastern Region's condolence meeting soon under the leadership of chatty, thoma and jose. They have the most to lose in this.

At the same time sincere condolences to the poor family members. They should be finally relieved.
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