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Church of God 94th general Convention
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Publish Date: Jan 16, 2018
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Church of God 94th general Convention.
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22 Xn-fmgvN sshIp-tcw 5.30\v Bcw-`n-p Ihj 28 Rmb-dmgvN cmhnse 8 aWn apX 1 aWn hsc \S-p kwbp k`m-tbm-K-tmSpw Ir-ta-i-tbmSpw IqsS kam-]n-pw. kwbp Bcm-[-\bvpw Ir-ta-ibvpw tv Hmhkn-b dh. kn kn tXmakv t\XrXzw \evIpw. sNmm, _p[ Znh-k--fn ]I ]h tIm^-dkp-I \S-pw. 25 hymgw cmhnse 9. 30 apX 1 hsc F.-Fw. hmjnI kt-f-\hpw, D-I-gn-v 2 apX- anj-\dn kt-f-\hpw \S-pw. 26 shn cmhnse 9.30 apX ss__n tImtf-Pp-I-fpsS {KmPp-th-j kokpw D-I-gn-v 2 apX hnhn[ Unmp-sap-I-fpsS tbmKhpw Dm-bn-cn-pw. B tbmK-n Ign Hcp hjs {]h\ dntmp-I Unmp-sav sk{I--dn-am Ah-X-cn-n-pw. 27 i\n-bmgvN cmhnse 8 aWnv Xncp-h Su Nn hv kv\m\-ip-{iqj \S-pw. 9.30 apX ]-en hv DWp tbmKhpw D-I-gnv 2 apX kt-kvIq & ssh.-]n.-C. hmjnI ktf\hpw Dm-bn-cn-pw. sshIp-t-c--fnse s]mXp-tbmKw 5.30\v Bcw-`nv 8.45\v kam-]n-pw.
22 Xn-fmgvN 3 aWnv Ihj InnI-fpsS kwbp tbmKhpw 4 apX Ir-ip-{iq-j-I-m-cpsS {]tXyI kt-f-\hpw \S-pw. tv Iukn-epw _nen-thgvkv t_mUpw Ihjs hnhn[ {]h-\-ġv t\XrXzw sImSp-pw. Ihj-\p-tijw hnhn[ e--fn-tev hml\{Iao-I-cWw Dm-bn-cn-p--Xm-Wv.
1913 `mc-X-n-se-nb Ata-cn- anj-Wdn tdm_v F^v. Ipv m]n k`-Ifpw ip{iq-jI-cp-ambn 1936 Nv Hm^v tKmUn tNp. 1923 ]-bm-dns Xocv Bdm-p-]pg aW¸p-dv Ipv kmbnv \S-nb P\-d Ihjs XpS-bmWv Nv Hm^v tKmUv tv P\-d Ihj. tIc-f-nse BZy P\-d Ihj-\m-bn-cpp AXv.
hfsc sNdnb Bc-`wambncp-s-nepw CUy-bnse Nv Hm^v tKmUv k` Ir]-bm hfv cmPy-ns Fm `mK--fnepw k`-I-fpw, av A\p-_-- m-]-\--fp-ambn apt-dp-p. 8 doPn-b-\p-I/tp-I-fmbn 2500e[nIw k`-Ifpw {]h-\-fpw Dv. tIcfm tn 1300 k`-Ifpw 100 anj tj-\p-Ifpw Dv. apf-p-g-bn-ep auv kotbm ss__n skan-\mcn, Iq-cn-ep auv ]mcm ss__n tImtf-Pv, Ip-\mSv {]hn-p s_tY ss__n tImtf-Pv, Bd-p-f-bn-ep auv It Nn{Ukv tlmw Fn-h-bmWv k`-bpsS m]-\-.


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